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The baby blanket is done. And it is massive.  It has been gifted to the parents along with a matching onesie because really why not? I’m quite proud of not running out of yarn at any point!  Near the end there I started to worry. The plan to make a matching sweater was put aside due to time and, yarn constraints.  Though this was finished way before my last baby blanket of the morning of the event fame.


It was finished a whole four days before the event.  And as for the matching gift?


Well he needed a uniform too, of course. Now up to the next baby items, and then my start-itis is twitching. I plan to start Royale by Glenna C. once the last of the baby gifts are done. That likely won’t be before March but I really want to knit a few sweaters, or a lot of sweaters.

Final Countdown…Maybe

The blanket it going faster than I expected. I’d say the pattern for A Bit Old Fashioned agrees with me. I have started on the first white stripe. And based on how the pattern works have about 55 more rounds to go and the star to make.  Not too shabby.


I had the feeling that this was going to take weeks. Maybe due to the scrambling to try and finish just part of a sleeve on a fingering weight sweater. Whenever I finish a fingering project I feel like worsted is moving at rocket speed and this time is no exception. How much yarn I shall have remaining in anything other than the blue is up in the air.


The red area took most of a skein, and I will of course be increasing my way through the white section. The sweater addition may have been wishful thinking but I should be able to make a sweater from the remaining blue. It will remain to be seen if I will have enough to make a Captain America sweater, though maybe I will have enough scraps of yarn to imply it.

Shield Progress

The shield blanket is still growing well. I have switched to the first red stripe on the blanket.


I feel like its staring to look a lot like a shield.  Which is a good thing as my eyes are starting to wander towards casting on some new things and finishing some old. One thing is that I can’t find a single pair of gloves. A single glove? So many left hands. So many. So I want to knit a pair of gloves, or finish the thrummed mittens.


I mean there is a blizzard coming. So I’m not going outside again for a while right? And I’m like a bit over 50% done with these. So it may be time to get back into them.  We’ll see what the morning brings.

The Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday I was knitting on the baby blanket following a pattern I have used and altered before. It was slow going, I didn’t like the look of the increases and then I remembered I was working in acrylic and not superwash and blocking would do so very little.  I searched around and settled on the pattern for A little Old Fashioned.


This pattern actually calls for knitting the star and then sewing it into place; so I am working on the the center circle which is going very quickly and more importantly much neater than the other pattern.


Just look at the difference in progress. I only pulled the DPNs out so I could work on the start of the blue circle and quickly made my way to a much larger circle in much less time.  I have about 3 more increase rounds before I get to the first color change.  I know I will eventually have hundreds of stitches per row, but if it keeps going this fast I may be able to add a sweater to the gifts for this little one before I move on to the next baby project.

May Etsy Update

Here we are for May’s Update.  This time its, full of superheroes, gods, angels, wizards, and fairytale Characters. As usual everything can be found in the Etsy Shop.

Wonder Woman Stitch Markers 



I had a lot of fun making these Wonder Woman stitch markers but quickly wondered why I had not added a star to the markers. The answer becomes clear in the next item created.

Wonder Woman Earrings 



Stars are awesome aren’t they? You know who else has stars? Captain America.

 Captain America Stitch Markers 


These are the new Captain America Stitch markers  now with extra star power!

 Vincent and The Doctor Stitch Markers



Inspired by the exploding Tardis painting these Stitch Makers are the colors of the lost painting of Vincent Van Gogh.

Rumpelstiltskin Earrings



Spinning straw into gold might be asking a bit much, but yarn. I can do yarn. These earrings were inspired by the old fairytale and the gold beads represent the impossible feat. How about some alpaca?

Rowena Ravenclaw Earrings 



These Ravenclaw house earrings are full of house pride. Complete with Eagle Charms.


True Blood Stitch Markers 

blood1Tru Blood let the vamps out of the closet, these stitch markers will help keep your knitting in place.

Castiel Stitch Markers


Our favorite angel of the lord is not just in earrings any more.

Poseidon Stitch Markers


I’ll be bringing the mythology back into the shop, starting with the god of the seas, horses, and earthquakes.


So, Remember when  I made Avengers Stitch Markers. The whole team got in on the action. And Loki, and the Bifrost.



No one thought that was all did they? So what else have I gotten up to? Earrings of course. I blame having gold spikes.  Loki Earrings.

And well you can’t have a villain without a hero. So first up, the First Avenger.


As usual everything is available in my Etsy shop.

Long Weekend

This past weekend was a particularly long one. I worked from home Friday, and in between prepping for  a July of DOOOOOooooooommm in work projects, I finished all the spinning from the last post.

Saturday I had brunch with a pile of friends from High School, one of which I had just found out that Monday is expecting, due to a combination of our schedules clashing repeatedly, pretty much since the year started.  So when I wandered Michael’s to restock on craft tools, I grabbed some Acrylic yarn, because mom is a Doctor, and so is dad, I would not subject her to trying to remember even super-wash care  on a baby item.

Four skeins of almost 300 yards later and I started a baby blanket that night. Using the Constant Baby Blanket as a template  I’ve been knitting away as there are deadlines.  Mom is due sometime in August. And moving to FL in early fall, which means  I should finish this soon. Not even considering when there will be a baby shower.

Sunday rolled around and I head off to a wedding with a different group of friends I’ve know since high school. I have a few of those, I like it.

Me, rocking out in a purple dress which was the same color as the bridal party, again!  And the shawl I’m wearing, Gothic Moss  which worked great for the last wedding when I insanely put it together in a week last July.


I also took Monday off from work expecting to be tired and hungover not realizing when I took the day that the wedding started at Noon. I was home by 7 even with the hour or so drive back to the city.  So I woke up fine, around 10, and went to the craft room.  A bit of organization but mostly I played with things and restocked items. And I finally created a chain for the first of what will be a series of 7 charm bracelets. One for each year at Hogwarts. So first up Year 1.

Six charms per year, and touching on some of the major points of each year.

There are now five sets of the Tardis Markers available that should last a little longer than last time. Why am I even surprised they sold out faster than I can blink?


I finally got the beads I needed for Captain America Stitch markers. And Hawkeye, I just didn’t get a chance to make them, for the archer. Thor still eludes me.

And a surprise for me. But with the Marvel scarf, I guess they were on my mind.  I give you Fantastic Four Earrings.

Quietly geeky I would say.

This weekend is the first I think in three months or so where I don’t have plans. Other than starting the Tour de Fleece.  I plan to live in the craft room, maybe come out for Thai or something. I want to finish the Tardis Flasks  Take 2, and make some more Star Fleet Stitch Markers.

Also I started listening to the knit 1 Geek 2 podcast, and woah.  I was listening to the Avengers episode and ideas! Also just look at that layout on the site? Did you catch everything? I see Wizards, and Hammers, and screwdrivers oh my.

Version 1

Haven’t been around for a bit, but I have been knitting away. Most recently I’ve been working on a Captain America Shield Pie Shawl attempt.

It took about two weeks,  I worked on it a lot while at dragon con and on the flights, though I suspect less obviously nerdy then the hero squares I worked on last year.

I used the same pattern that was from the baby blanket then modified on a whim as I worked on it.

There a few changes I’ve decided to make. One thing I realized pretty quickly was that this one would be much too small. Its more like a shawlett at least when I fold it in half.

Its about 33″ in diameter  and I’d likely want to double that the next time around.  I also need to work a different kind of increase or at least switch to a KFB sooner than i did.

As you can see at the end of the blocking which took ages and a few tries to get right, the star wasn’t as sharp as i wanted it and nothing was quite as round as I had been hoping. I’m sure there’s a way to get that star done with the blue. I may go back to the old plan of a provisional cast on.

Though this update will have to wait a while. I’m working on a new Justice League scarf for a friend, and while its going quickly the train was actually so crowded this morning that I wasn’t able to work n it in the morning.

I’ve been writing on the bus so most of my knitting is done on the subway.

The amazing thing about this picture is that its of the first scarf but I am at the same point.  Or possibly a row shorter.  I still wonder if the pattern is as easy to read as I think it is. I had a couple knitters look it over, but I don’t think any of them actually worked on a square.

There is at least 1 person who is working on one but they haven’t uploaded any pictures so I’m still waiting to see what theirs looks like.

Once I finish that which I hope to do by next week I plan, to start Christmas/winter knitting.

I have a plan to make a bunch of stockings and get smaller stocking stuffers and gift that. As I still haven’t made a pair of socks it will be interesting. I also haven’t actually chosen a pattern just yet.  I’m sure they will be in a variety of colors to match my friends, my stash, and even traditional Christmas colors.

But I think if I start in October, I’ll know how doable it is by Nano and will be able to go, and re think gifts and possibly just do ornaments.

Anyone else already thinking about holiday knits? Been thinking about them for month.

Stash Busting Progress

So its March. Month three of the plan to empty out the stash. How is it going? Slow going but there is progress. Also I found out the name of some mystery yarn when I saw it at Gotham Fine Yarns. It’s actually Noro Cash Iroha. I also found another skein of some purple lace.

And an update of the Year’s Goal:


Skeins Likely to Use: 138
Total Yards: 25, 558
Cast on in 2010:6

Days without a yarn Purchase in 2o10: 72


Projects: 4
Skeins: 12.25

I started yet another Dalek in Worsted Weight, and its been flying off the needles. I ran out of the yarn and that is likely the only reason its not my fastest finished Dalek ever.

It knit up in about 2 days which was great and reminded me that I may have been using lace for a little too long, for the Christmas cowl, beret, and dalek.

So I went back to the Marvel scarf and have mad some progress on DareDevil.

But along the same Marvel Plan I want to make a Captain America Circular shield shawl.  So the first part I wanted to get down was the star. I figure once that was done I could work out the lace and increases simply enough.

With that in mind I knit this star pattern, Stars From the East which was quick and easy. I think I would need to eventually make the star via a provisional cast on then work my way back out. There will likely be a lot of frogging and hair pulling but that is how the JLA scarf came to be so It shall be interesting. I have a couple other designs planned, we’ll see how that goes.

Sticth Markers, Marvel Scarf, Squares

SD Card purchased so this post is full of pictures. I may be over compensating. Yarn Crawl starts tomorrow which should be fun though I don’t plan on doing anything before Saturday.  And we’ll see how quickly I get started. I may just end up doing my talk and going to the 2 particpating  yarn stores in Brooklyn as I can walk to them both.

So Captain America is done.

Captain America

Not sure  who’s next. Possibly Ms. Marvel.

There are also Stitch Markers


Gryffindor  Markers – Harry Potter

I could have sworn I had more of these beads so they may become earrings but I think they are wonderful markers. There just happen to be three of them at the moment.

Face of Boe

Face of Boe Markers – Doctor Who/Torchwood

These are my favorites of the sets I created, and I like the fact that each is in a different color. I wanted Boe Wavy bits but I thought that would be much to likely to snag to be any fun knitting with.


Department of Mysteries – Prophecy Orbs – Harry Potter

Execution of these makes me wonder, and there may be a return to the drawing board. But these beads reind me very much of the prophecies as seen in movie 5.

And below the cut the pictures of the squares.