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Making Monday: Eclectic Shop Updates

This weekend in between running around doing other things I got everything together for this Friday’s shop update, which included making more items and taking photos of everything. This is going to be a pretty big update for stitch Markers though only one style of earrings. I am also debuting something new.

2014-03-09 21.01.42

Previously Bifrost, Hades, and Persephone, were the only markers that were occasionally made in a smaller size for sock knitting. Now I will more sock markers, these will only be able to fit  up to a US8 (5.0mm) needle.  I will be starting with the House Sock sets, and there will be two versions of each set.  One with a lobster claw attachment for hooking your marker in place.  And the reason they are called  House Sock? Well, a badger, eagle, snake, and lion start a school…

2014-03-09 11.36.10Are you wondering what about the above makes the shop update eclectic? Well its the other parts of the update. There are superheros, time lords, and a very well known family.


I mean I think you can guess who they are. They’ve been on our television since 1989. And I may spend too much time playing tapped out at night. Each Family member gets their own set in this update.

Making Monday: Crafty Sunday

Before my apartment was descended on by some friends to watch the Super Bowl, I took a couple hours to get some things put together for the update on the 14th.  I got a few sets of stitch markers and some earrings done.

2014-02-02 14.47.36


First up another take on rainbows in stitch markers. To go with the Bifrost markers I  also carry. I may call these Iris for the goddess of Rainbows or, Prism. We’ll see how I feel when I upload.

The rest of the items in the upload so far are all Dr. Who related.

2014-02-03 11.47.02


We have Eight doctor stitch markers. Earrings of this design were already in the shop.  And we have The Girl Who Waited,  earrings. Her stitch markers will also be restocked in the next update.

2014-02-03 11.46.28


Not too shabby for a couple hours in the craft room. I’ll have one more craft day next Saturday, and some time Sunday to work on pictures for the update.

We Have a Shawl with Beads

I spent the weekend adding beads. Saturday was quite memorable for the beads and beer. We were at my usual Weds night beer and knitting bar, sitting at the windows with full sunlight streaming in, it was 5pm. We had just tried a new location for our writing group and post the meeting everyone wanted to know where one could get a beer.

2013-03-23 18.11.38


I did quite well and around beer 4 or 5 I put the knitting away, because really there are limits. Also by that point the sun had gone down, and the light in the bar wasn’t the best to be stringing beads with though I have knit in said darkened bar. I had ten more rows left at that point, 5 of beads and that seemed a good stopping point.

2013-03-24 22.51.48


Sunday night I parked myself on the couch and planned to bead my way to victory. And bead I did. I may have lost a few beads to the couch but for the most part I was binding off with an episode of Iron Chef. Apparently that is my late night project finishing TV. 

2013-03-25 21.00.47


So come Monday night it was time to block my finished shawl. I dug out the blocking wires and mats, and pins.  Which reminded me I had planned to get more mats. Eh. I can make it work.

2013-03-25 21.12.08


And we were done. It’s currently on the floor in my living room drying with the cat for company. And if any of you are wondering about my usual shawl blocking companion, she got her contribution in early.

2013-03-25 00.33.25


So what have I gathered from this first adventure with beads?

  • The crochet hook method is not so bad. Though I did have a couple moments of trial and error with too small hooks. They were so small that it was hard to hold on to the yarn. 
  • My preferred method is bead onto hook, pick up knit stitch so yarn and hook form a right angle, and slide bead down, and I can do it full of beer.
  • Have some extra beads, and then some more, as an old hat with beads from other projects I know just because most beads are x size doesn’t mean they all are perfectly so. Even if you don’t lose a single bead some won’t fit. I never actually counted my beads but I started with close to 1000 of the one I chose, so even with use in various projects I likely had 800. The pattern called for less than 300.
  • I want to play more with beads, and maybe even try gasp pre-stringing
  • I have woken up the shawl maker and want to make more. I mean I don’t have a green shawl, or some other colors, I’m sure.
  • Now were does one wear a  their new fancy beaded shawl?

Shopping Beading Style

Tuesday after work I decided to head to Michael’s.  In theory to only get tiny crochet hooks, so that once I got to the beaded portion of Adoro, I would be ready, if macgyvering something with wire did not work out.

2013-03-19 22.15.24

I got them, and decided to get a set, as I figure this will not be my last time playing with beads, and I may want to go smaller or larger the next time around. And what are the chances at least one of these hooks won’t vanish for a period of time the moment I want to use them?


So does anyone think that was all I bought? No? Give the reader a prize! I thought, “oh a quick look through the beads can’t hurt. I did need to get more of blah bead  and they came from Michael’s and the storage container I like is only $2.99 here…” Quite the slippery slope.

2013-03-20 23.04.50


Beads my precious. Precious Beads….

2013-03-20 23.05.37

More beads…and findings.

2013-03-20 23.05.54

And more storage, partly due to the damage I did on this trip. Partly because, I was running out of storage for charms, and some other beads already. There are two boxes stacked atop each other, and I know how I will be spending my weekend. Organizing and trying not to start crafting with the shiny new things before putting them away.

Closer and Closer to Beads

Last night instead of spinning I finished off chart three of Adoro.  Which means I am  one more chart, 12 more rows, from BEADS. I still don’t have a beading hook, but I do have wire. And lots of it. we’ll see how it goes.

2013-03-18 23.27.51


It’s also been quite hard to get a picture of the shawl which is in Midnight in Manhattan in a light that truly shows off the color. I am hoping to reach beading by the weekend. Likely sitting in writer’s group with a little tub of beads and a wire, as we discuss the current piece.


That is the same yarn. The skein is much closer to the actual color.



Knitting with beads, as someone who regularly crafts with beads, knitting with them seems a logical step. I kept meaning to do it, but I have finally started a project that takes beads.  Adoro, which was actually part of a three pattern e-book from Rock + Purl I grabbed sometime last year. The fact that I found two print outs of the pattern made it clear that I meant to start it a few times.  It is also another one of the projects of my 12 in 2o13, with new yarn.

I’m making it in the Midnight in Manhattan Tosh Merino Light I got from VKLive. I still haven’t decided if I should use blue beads or silver beads.

2013-03-10 01.55.07

I cast on Saturday afternoon, on the train to a friend’s 30th celebration. I had been feeling a lack of lace in my knitting lately. I haven’t made a lace shawl since September and that’s been quite long enough.

2013-03-11 11.24.27


I’m in the middle of the third of five repeats for chart 2 and the beading doesn’t start until chart 5.  So I have time to choose my color of beads, and you know learn how to bead onto a project. I discarded the pre-stringing method right away, a) because that would have meant I made a decision on beads, b) I was casting-on on a NJ Transit Train, and c) having to deal with a few hundred beads right away was a good way to never start this project.

2013-03-10 01.57.25

My plan is to use the crochet method, even if I can’t currently find my tiny beading hook, which I just happen to own. Such is the life of a crafter. I don’t think I ever crocheted with the tiny needle but there you go. I sometimes just own things, and I have had that hook since around age 8.  We will see how this adventure goes, but there will be a lifeline at the end of chart 4.

Bead Stash: One Year Later

So last year I posted the bead stash  What a difference a year makes. It has grown just a bit. Just a bit mind you, similarly to how I have just a bit of yarn. Or just a couple of books.

Where I once had a single case holding all my beads. It has increased a bit.


I now have three matching boxes of beads. So quite the amount of growth. I’ve created quite the number of new items, and gotten stocked up to create items that were surprisingly popular so I should always be able to restock if at some point they fly out of my shop. I’ve also developed a fondness for crackle beads.

So those are around in a lot of colors, and just waiting to be used. And I ordered more. And one can’t forget the pewter, and acrylic charms I have to use as accents or parts of earrings.

The case holding those has long since been filled and now a lot of pieces are living in baggies. Currently my craft room is in a state of half destruction as we moved a bookshelf to the living room and all roaming bits of craft to the craft room. Right now it means that there is more room and a lot of mess that will have to be dealt with followed by a trip to purchase supplies, and maybe a new work table.

That work will likely be a few more weekends in the making.



WIP/FOs and Fiber

It’s been a while since I updated what I have been up to in the wide world of crafting I live in.


I’m hoping to get a  fingering yarn once I ply it with some green I have not yet started to spin.

I have also been pondering grabbing some black yarn and creating my first three ply yarn, with green, purple, and black. Seems my mind is on a Clown Prince of Crime. Or you know people who lose control and turn into giant green rage monsters (I’m not excited for the Avengers, not at all).


I had someone ask me a question on etsy just as I started pondering the same. Why don’t I have any Tardis stitch markers?

And the answer to that is I do now! Also I am a bit in love at how well this picture came out. Sunlight in the still in progress craft office is a wonder.  And while I was working on those I pulled out these beads that once upon a time would have become a pandorica. Instead they became Pandora’s  box.

And of course. Knitting:

I finished my dissertation. At around 10pm on the 30th for Nerd Wars. I have about a dozen things I want to change, From yarn to pattern repeats. But I have the start of a pattern and I shall work from there.  And you know blocking… that does mean I have 2 complete shawls for 2012. 12 in 2012? Not sure yet.

The Spider-man baby blanket has grown a lot. And of course I’m carrying the blanket around in a Spiderman tote bag. What else would I carry it in?

I have joined in Rock & Purl’s sock KAL  and have donated a prize. A set of stitch markers. Now I just have to find more than 1 dpn in the right size and I will even be able to cast on.  Whistles.  Go join!

Also I have cast on Bigger on the Inside  Of course I have. A tardis shawl? Done. The fact that I had the right yarn in my stash is extra amusing. Though there is a chance I will run short as I made gloves from that yarn as well.

I should wander off to find all the other’s knitting this shawl as well, and see how badly I may run out of yarn. But, I had to start this and there was nothing to do but jump in and shout Geronimo!

Stash Time: No Not that one

I’ve talked about the yarn stash a couple of times. But it is not the only stash I have. With all the Jewelry and Markers that I make I have over the years amassed quite the pile of beads.

Beads and charms and crafty things.

I tend to grab a few of a lot of things wandering the bead district and then work from there. Sometimes I have ideas, and will grab a couple things online, but roaming the bead shops, is always fun inspiring and stash enhancing. Sounds a  lot like visiting the yarn stores.

Sometimes coming up with a new design is just laying things out, and seeing what comes to mind. Which may be something interesting or nothing at all.  This pile below, was a nothing at all.

Or a pile, turns into charms for all the seven years at a very magical school.

You have, Owls and castles, Diaries stones, padfoot, and moony. That set is still in progress but you get the idea.