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At long last…on the third try. First cast on in Feb 2014.  Frogged that April, then again a few inches on the second go around because I put the project down too long and had missed an increase somewhere on the sleeves.  But now we have a finished sweater!



Three skeins of Neighborhood Fiber Co. with enough left over that i could likely make a small accessory, and put a square or six in my memories blanket.

Packing and 2/3 of a Sleeve

In a couple hours I will be off to set up my booth for VKLive. The pro of doing a show in your hometown even one this big, is that I can totally schedule things for after work and get all I need done. Almost all I need done.



I still have two thirds of a sleeve I need to get done before I can wear this Saturday. I’m not giving up hope. I mean the progress I made yesterday was most of a third of a sleeve and I didn’t knit a stitch before 10pm.  Its not like there’s a ton of stuff between me and that.

IMG_0882 IMG_0883

Just that small pile of stuff I have to turn into a booth. A minor thing really…

One Down One to Go

I have finished the first sleeve on Bayside. And started on the next sleeve. I have a few more days to keep working on it and I’m pretty hopeful I won’t be wandering around VKlive, lopsided next weekend.



This totally means I can get another sweater’s worth of Neighborhood Fiber Co. yarn right? That’s what it means right?

Body Done

Bayside is getting there. Perhaps my plan to wear it to VKLive is not too off. The body is done and I have started working on the first sleeve.  So I think I can do it but there is a lot of other crafting that will be happening this week so we will see how things go.  The body is a good fit and the perfect length.



Fingers crossed that  everything continues in order.

A Plan to Finish

If you couldn’t guess I am not even remotely a monogamous knitter. Let’s not even discuss the other crafts. Have I mentioned I added sewing to the list? I’ve added sewing to the list. But, for one week only I’m going to try. My goal, for the rest of the week to work on my Bayside.


As you can see, I have more than half the body done,  looking at the pattern, I have nine inches to knit before the ribbing then the sleeves. The plan is to knit all this week, and see how I do. It might be easier if I hadn’t also started a new spinning project yesterday.


The  2oz of cheviot roving from Painting Box Fibers that I grabbed at the Long Island Fleece and Fiber Festival. Though I suppose technically spinning is a totally different craft, so it doesn’t count right? Fingers crossed, I really want to finally finish this sweater. It fits this time, and I would like to start some other sweaters.

Back To Bayside

Hmm, with a title like that one has to ask if everyone has seen the  actual return to Bayside High on Jimmy Fallon.  If not, relive it, marvel at it how little the cast seems to have changed.  I remember the last time I got to sleeve separation wondering  of it might be too big a sweater but trucking along anyway.  This time I have tried it on, with an epic fail of dropped stitches despite the life line, and it fits well.



The other pro is after I got to sleeve separation,  it was much faster. Juggling three skeins off yarn means this time around would never be as fast, and without the pending Nerd Wars deadline, I’m less inclined to work on it exclusively. It’s good progress, and well on its way to being the first finished sweater of the year. Alta is waiting in the wings to be  next in line.

Bayside Growing Yet Again

I have gotten to the point on the Bayside sweater where all the balls are once again center pull balls! So that means I have knit my way past where it was on my second go around full of miscounting.


So four inches in and the third time is looking to be the charm. I’ll keep my fingers crossed but this will likely be the project I work on during the Superbowl. Well this or spinning. I have been neglecting my spinning lately.


I have been keeping track of my increases and better tracking of my color changes.  Just by using a wedge project bag from KicksandGiggles (great bags and great geeky fabrics, give the shop a look see) where the three skeins line up side by side. So every other row I just pick the next ball in the line. They are tightly packed at least for now so I don’t have to worry about them moving.   Every other row might be overkill on the color changes, but the increase are set that way right now, and it means I know when I get to the third ball, the first row is also the cable cross. Sleeves will be interesting…

2015-01-29 12.55.34

The bag is an adorable Supernatural themed fabric.  Saving People and Hunting Things, the Family Business (youtube link).



WIPW: Third Go Around

I’m nearly done with my test knit which means its time to start looking for a new project or twelve. And I decided to pull out Bayside. One, because I might be able to finish it before winter ends and get a good wear in. Two because I really love the yarn (Neighborhood Fiber Co.) and want this sweater.


When we last saw Bayside it looked like this. But the count was off. The problem was the count was off so often I had no idea what was right. I don’t know what happened but nothing matched. The front had one less stitch than the back, one sleeve had two more stitches than the other. I decided frogging was best for my sanity and keeping the pattern straight.


So I quickly got back to three skeins.  I was ready to get started again, this time with the proper counting. It may be time to bring back a row counter, or the row counter app I had for  a while. With the pattern ready to go I cast on and did the set up row.


A few rows are knit flat before being joined in the round and that is where I am now. Now I’m just hoping to keep the three skeins straight as I alternate them, and actually finish the sweater this time. I know I can do it. I nearly did it once.  I just need to figure out a good way to keep track of which of the three skeins I am alternating to.  In frogging it was clear that I wasn’t always keeping track as well as I thought.

WIPW: Purple So Much Purple

So this week’s works in progress are both purple. Well one is a long term WIP but as I mentioned Monday I am weakly attempting to finish my Bayside for VK-Live, Jan 17/18. So how much progress was made before I put the sweater down and wandered off to knit some heavier weight sweaters?


Yeah, that’s it, and there is a good chance I will have to frog that as the stitch count seems to be off.  I have printed out a fresh copy of the pattern and will be double checking my numbers before I do anything drastic so we’ll see what happens.

On to more sensible projects.  The Snapdragon Tam is growing. I’m hoping to finish  it by the end of the week and move up to the matching honey cowl.


In other less purple news Christmas is Coming. I’ll be putting together Christmas Cards. So drop me a line with your address at 1geek2craftall [at] gmail [dot] com, and I will pop a card over to you. I will likely drop them all in the mail some time next week. So let’s say email me by Weds Dec 17th and I’ll mail everything out Thursday the 18th and yes international addresses too!

Back to the Start

I frogged my Bayside this weekend.  Even as I was rushing to finish it for the end of  Nerd Wars yesterday I was liking it less and less. A bunch of little things seemed to be getting worse, and I just wanted to start fresh and get the sweater I wanted. IMG_0174 I had bound off the body and started working on the sleeves when I saw how dark my third ball as in comparison to the first. So that was an additional issue, since the first two balls while not as drastic, also didn’t match. Previously I’d mentioned that I had added decreases to the back  to get a better shape and fit. While it was less boxy it still didn’t really fit right. 2014-04-26 21.38.36-2 Looking at the sweater I also wasn’t pleased at the way the colors were going. It was quickly becoming a project I finished for the sake of it being finished and having very little to do with having a sweater I wanted to wear.  After pouring myself a cocktail, I pulled out my winder and with some cranking frogged the entire sweater.

2014-04-26 22.39.10-2

To keep from never making this sweater again, I actually cast on  the sweater on Sunday. I am also alternating skeins every two rows right now to see if we can tone down the extreme changes in the yarn.  Now I’m just hoping I can keep track of which skein is which when I need to switch over. So far so good and I have a plan going forward which should help.

2014-04-28 11.18.27

While frogging an entire sweater so close to the end seemed a bit dramatic, I wanted a sweater that I would love. I had a great pattern and great yarn. It was clear that I just needed to make everything else work. So begins my work on a Bayside sweater once again.