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The baby blanket is done. And it is massive.  It has been gifted to the parents along with a matching onesie because really why not? I’m quite proud of not running out of yarn at any point!  Near the end there I started to worry. The plan to make a matching sweater was put aside due to time and, yarn constraints.  Though this was finished way before my last baby blanket of the morning of the event fame.


It was finished a whole four days before the event.  And as for the matching gift?


Well he needed a uniform too, of course. Now up to the next baby items, and then my start-itis is twitching. I plan to start Royale by Glenna C. once the last of the baby gifts are done. That likely won’t be before March but I really want to knit a few sweaters, or a lot of sweaters.

Shield Progress

The shield blanket is still growing well. I have switched to the first red stripe on the blanket.


I feel like its staring to look a lot like a shield.  Which is a good thing as my eyes are starting to wander towards casting on some new things and finishing some old. One thing is that I can’t find a single pair of gloves. A single glove? So many left hands. So many. So I want to knit a pair of gloves, or finish the thrummed mittens.


I mean there is a blizzard coming. So I’m not going outside again for a while right? And I’m like a bit over 50% done with these. So it may be time to get back into them.  We’ll see what the morning brings.

A Little of This A Little of That

I’m still slowly working crafting back into my day to day schedule. It means that along with wondering when to fit things in, I have no idea how long some things will take. I have frogged and cast on this baby blanket  three times since the first. So I can call last night the new start date, but I’m just not sure when the end date will be.


I think I am ready to go on it this time, I have already altered the pattern a bit and will be doing more altering the pattern from a star shape to a central star, and then a round outline in other colors.

2014-08-08 15.06.33

Something like that. ;). I also want to see if I can do a sweater or two before the shower.  I have about a month and a few days to finish. Here’s hoping I can do it without for hours of available knit time every weekday.


Another thing I worked on a bit is spinning. I decided to put my Draco fiber in my new Gryffindor bag, and got back into the swing of spinning it. I feel like I actually can see progress on this.  As per usual I have no plan for what to do with this when it is done, though I am thinking about making a worsted 3 ply once I see how the spinning turns out, but plans for fiber are always iffy for me.

The Fastest Needles in Brooklyn

Well not fast enough apparently.  So the rainbow baby blanket I was working on it for my friend’s baby shower on the 29th right? Turns out not so much. My invitation never arrived so a mutual friend has been passing along the info. Handy, no worries. Except when the one bit of incorrect information she gives you is the date of the shower. 9/22, not 9/29.

2013-09-22 17.39.17

Blink. When was this glaring omission made known? A little before 10pm on Saturday. I had maybe three rows of decreases at that point. So I had 50% of a blanket to knit by 5:30pm. I had no registry information, so through the night and a friend’s birthday party I knit.  85% of the guests were knitters, dating knitters, or long term friends with knitters.  No one batted an eye, everyone commiserated at failure to convey a date correctly.  I left the party around 2am and some progress had been made not enough but some.

2013-09-22 13.30.39-2

The second half of the blanket is two repeats of rainbows with blue as the background color instead of grey. Grey taking the place of the blue in striping. I was two stripes in before I gave in to the siren call of sleep. So Sunday bright and early I started knitting and fell asleep. Apparently two hours of sleep wasn’t going to cut it. I tried again a couple hours later. By the time I had made it to the subway I was working an orange stripe. By the time we got on the bus into New Jersey I was working the red stripe. This was not good. It meant I still had an entire repeat of the blanket to go.

2013-09-23 11.52.22

And that is where we stand now. My train in this morning consisted of slowly drinking tea, and wondering why I had decided going to work was a good idea, since I am clearly getting sick. Weee. Sigh…. But that does mean I am on the last repeat.

I will instead go with what my original plan was and finish the blanket and start a baby surprise jacket.  Possibly a hat or booties. There will be delivery on the next visit. sometime in December after baby has joined us.