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Final Countdown…Maybe

The blanket it going faster than I expected. I’d say the pattern for A Bit Old Fashioned agrees with me. I have started on the first white stripe. And based on how the pattern works have about 55 more rounds to go and the star to make.  Not too shabby.


I had the feeling that this was going to take weeks. Maybe due to the scrambling to try and finish just part of a sleeve on a fingering weight sweater. Whenever I finish a fingering project I feel like worsted is moving at rocket speed and this time is no exception. How much yarn I shall have remaining in anything other than the blue is up in the air.


The red area took most of a skein, and I will of course be increasing my way through the white section. The sweater addition may have been wishful thinking but I should be able to make a sweater from the remaining blue. It will remain to be seen if I will have enough to make a Captain America sweater, though maybe I will have enough scraps of yarn to imply it.

The Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday I was knitting on the baby blanket following a pattern I have used and altered before. It was slow going, I didn’t like the look of the increases and then I remembered I was working in acrylic and not superwash and blocking would do so very little.  I searched around and settled on the pattern for A little Old Fashioned.


This pattern actually calls for knitting the star and then sewing it into place; so I am working on the the center circle which is going very quickly and more importantly much neater than the other pattern.


Just look at the difference in progress. I only pulled the DPNs out so I could work on the start of the blue circle and quickly made my way to a much larger circle in much less time.  I have about 3 more increase rounds before I get to the first color change.  I know I will eventually have hundreds of stitches per row, but if it keeps going this fast I may be able to add a sweater to the gifts for this little one before I move on to the next baby project.

Another Sweater

Another sweater finished. Okay, its a baby sweater. But it still counts right?  Baby Bunting. I actually knit the last stitch on Saturday and attached the wooden buttons on Tuesday.  Which brings up my sweater total to two baby, three adult. Two more on the needles. Its been a good sweater year.



I am free knitting a matching hat in the reverse colors.  With a blue garter and red body. It is the first of many baby items I shall be knitting for many babies. I have the yarn for a few blankets and likely another sweater or two. Maybe even some more baby hats. December is the month of babies!

And We are Done

The Baby Blanket is done. Honestly after the racing of the last post I only worked on it on knit night on Thursday and then I grabbed it halfway home yesterday. I decided it would be finished! At leas partially because today starts the first day of T9 in nerd wars and I have joined the ranks of Team Mythology again, and because I wanted to be done with the blanket.

2013-09-30 21.23.46-2

After my commute home I had already completed two more color repeats so I had a grey and a green stripe. I sat down and got comfortable, with the lost season of Drag Race (I love pop up Ru) and decided to finish the blanket once and for all.

2013-09-30 23.53.13

And I did, I bound off into an episode of Will & Grace and did a mental fist bump of victory. This project had long since (even without the date mix-up) been due to be finished.  Technically if everything had gone to plan it should have been done Sunday. But I came down with something on Monday, that made Tuesday only exist for a few hours. Long enough to catch Agent’s of Shield, and then go back to sleep again.  It was a “wild” sick day.  :/

2013-09-30 23.54.32-2

Now to make a few more baby items. My new deadline is December. So this should be fine. I have plenty of yarn left too. Time to check out Nerd Wars challenges and see what comes to mind. And I may be doing some holiday knitting. We’ll see.




WIPW: Rainbow Baby Blanket

I have been working on the baby blanket almost exclusively when I knit barring one wander where I worked on my currently neglected color affection.  It has grown though not as much as I would have hoped It is currently 16″ long.  The first half is supposed to be 36″ to get a final 36″ by 36″ square. I had been planning to wing it and once the first skein of grey is done switch to the second and start decreasing. I think I was lying to myself.

2013-09-18 11.23.27

That is what remains of the grey skein as of this morning. Somehow I don’t think that there will be another ten inches of blanket before the yarn gives up. I hope there will be another repeat or two, for the commute home as I keep forgetting to put the second skein in my bag.

2013-09-18 11.23.36

I suppose this is the  downside of  center pull ball, I always default to, “oh I have plenty” to squeezes ball “hmm I will need more soon.” Its a good thing knitting is tomorrow as I will clearly need a third skein of grey.

2013-09-18 11.17.37

Well I have gotten to the second rainbow repeat. I should *fingers crossed* get to yellow on my way home tonight.

I’ll be back for Friday’s Etsy update. *Snaps fingers* It’s creepy and kooky, Mysterious and spooky….


Making Monday: Rainbow Baby

On Friday I started the baby blanket for my friend on my way into the office for a meeting. Due to the rainstorm the night before, at some point during my commute the station a few stops ahead of me lost power. All trains were stopped and I heaved a sigh, and started a roundabout mission to get to New Jersey. This kind of problem is pretty rare; but when the night before it is raining inside an underground station;  its no surprise it gets real bad.  By the time I got to work I had something to show for my trouble.

2013-09-13 10.22.55-2

A good starter amount of progress. This weekend, when I knit, it was on the blanket as well.  And knitting at home meant that I had a few moments where I was able to grab more colors. The blanket went from stripes to a rainbow spectrum.

2013-09-14 00.07.11

And by my commute on this morning (where everything worked) I was able to finish off the first of the color repeats. And now have to decide if I want to start with the blue again or go the other way. I am guessing on the current size there will be 3 or 4 rainbow repeats.

2013-09-16 12.00.24

Now I just have to decide if my next stripe is blue or if it is another purple stripe then red.  I am leaning towards blue. The ride home will decide what will happen. It was a wonder I had a bag big enough to hold every skein. Thanks NaNoWriMo!  And now that I know its a boy, I wonder if I will have time to make a baby surprise jacket as well. The shower is the 29th s0 I do have a hard deadline.  We’ll see where I stand Friday.

Really Really Fast

I’ve been told I’m a fast knitter. My reaction is usually a shrug and a I have a very long commute.  But I may just have to take the lightning bolt as my symbol.

In my last post I talked about, getting the yarn and picking a pattern for a friend’s baby blanket. Well that blanket is done. And I keep wondering how that is possible. Yes it was a simple pattern but it was still miles and miles of ST and I have a job.

It kinda makes me wish I took daily growth pics.  I know I didn’t work on it every day, or even for the same amount of time daily but it’s done.

t kinda makes me wish I took daily growth pics.  I know I didn’t work on it every day, or even for the same amount of time daily but it’s done.

One complete baby blanket waiting for a good soak to be be then shipped off to its new blankety life in FL.

And there it is with a mass market paperback for size comparisons. Now to start planning for the Tour de Fleece, the Ravelympics (whatever they are called now) and month 2 of Nerd Wars T5.

Long Weekend

This past weekend was a particularly long one. I worked from home Friday, and in between prepping for  a July of DOOOOOooooooommm in work projects, I finished all the spinning from the last post.

Saturday I had brunch with a pile of friends from High School, one of which I had just found out that Monday is expecting, due to a combination of our schedules clashing repeatedly, pretty much since the year started.  So when I wandered Michael’s to restock on craft tools, I grabbed some Acrylic yarn, because mom is a Doctor, and so is dad, I would not subject her to trying to remember even super-wash care  on a baby item.

Four skeins of almost 300 yards later and I started a baby blanket that night. Using the Constant Baby Blanket as a template  I’ve been knitting away as there are deadlines.  Mom is due sometime in August. And moving to FL in early fall, which means  I should finish this soon. Not even considering when there will be a baby shower.

Sunday rolled around and I head off to a wedding with a different group of friends I’ve know since high school. I have a few of those, I like it.

Me, rocking out in a purple dress which was the same color as the bridal party, again!  And the shawl I’m wearing, Gothic Moss  which worked great for the last wedding when I insanely put it together in a week last July.


I also took Monday off from work expecting to be tired and hungover not realizing when I took the day that the wedding started at Noon. I was home by 7 even with the hour or so drive back to the city.  So I woke up fine, around 10, and went to the craft room.  A bit of organization but mostly I played with things and restocked items. And I finally created a chain for the first of what will be a series of 7 charm bracelets. One for each year at Hogwarts. So first up Year 1.

Six charms per year, and touching on some of the major points of each year.

There are now five sets of the Tardis Markers available that should last a little longer than last time. Why am I even surprised they sold out faster than I can blink?


I finally got the beads I needed for Captain America Stitch markers. And Hawkeye, I just didn’t get a chance to make them, for the archer. Thor still eludes me.

And a surprise for me. But with the Marvel scarf, I guess they were on my mind.  I give you Fantastic Four Earrings.

Quietly geeky I would say.

This weekend is the first I think in three months or so where I don’t have plans. Other than starting the Tour de Fleece.  I plan to live in the craft room, maybe come out for Thai or something. I want to finish the Tardis Flasks  Take 2, and make some more Star Fleet Stitch Markers.

Also I started listening to the knit 1 Geek 2 podcast, and woah.  I was listening to the Avengers episode and ideas! Also just look at that layout on the site? Did you catch everything? I see Wizards, and Hammers, and screwdrivers oh my.

Adventures in Blocking

So a fellow Geek knitter took up the call to help and brought the Spidy blanket to block somewhere cat free.

Two things happened, It blocked out HUGE. That is half the conference table at my office. A table that seats 10.  That tiny looking square is my iPhone. I put it on as a cape when it was brought over. So it should last the kid a while right? She’ll be loving her new blanket forever. It will be on that crappy futon in her first apartment after college.

That is the blanket pre-blocking, you may notice that there was webbing on this second photo. It  had to be pulled out and put back on, I hit four spokes on the bus this morning while drinking my latte, and reading A Feast For Crows. So if I focus I will likely be done soon.

Done by Geek Knitting on Thursday? One can hope.

And I finally started and my first project for Nerd Wars.

The 75 yard Malabrigo gloves, left over from T4 Nerd Wars. Added to the pile of someone will get these eventually gifts. Now I have to swatch by Thursday for my Dissertation submission, a beaded lace shawl, Adoro.  All while trying to work out a couple new designs.

Ares and Aphrodite, seem to want to go hand in hand. Perhaps I’ll throw in Hephaestus for a knitted love triangle. We’ll see what comes out. And I really want this Work + Shelter  yarn for Apollo V2.

Spidy Baby

…Spins a web, any size, catches thieves just like flies. 

So I have some friends who are geeks. Shocking I know.  As they have gone off to be fruitful and multiply we agreed there was only one baby blanket for them. Even more so as pastels were vetoed.

The baby blanket pre-blocking, where shall I  be blocking this monster? I have no idea. Extra fun fact? The mother is allergic to cats. Why does this matter?  Oh no reason.


No reason at all. This is going to be interesting, as the rooms I can easily lock her out of don’t have enough room to block…