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FO Friday: Artichoke French

It’s done. And I mean actually done, all ends have been woven in, all holes have been closed, all that remains is blocking and I can’t decide if I should do that now, or wait until I want to wear it. Knowing my luck in six months I will remember its not blocked three hours before I have to walk out the door.


I was finishing the neck line at geek knitting and I’m quite excited to add another finished sweater to my wardrobe.  The neck line is one of the parts that makes me know that blocking is a necessity as it’s hard to tell right now that its the same Artichoke French stitch going around the neck.


I added a few inches to the body as I worked and still have some yarn left over so that’s great.  I’m pondering making some Artichoke French fingerless mitts with the leftover yarn, to look like my sleeves.


If you couldn’t guess in the last month I really love this sweater.  36 days from cast on to cast off.  And knowing the way I knit, I can take a week or more off that easily. A month for a sweater, not too bad at all.

WIPW: Sweater!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this photo last night.

2014-06-03 23.37.47-2

I have 97% of a sweater.  I just have to knit the neck band, and seam the underarms together.  And then I get to put the sweater away for a few months I guess. The down side of finishing a sweater in June.

2014-06-04 00.13.04

The neck band is worked by slowly decreasing along the live neck stitches, but after the Follow Your Arrow KAL this should be speedy. Though its not the easiest to work on a train as I don’t have the pattern memorized. I suppose this means I should get back to poor Bayside. And start working on all the projects I want to get a go on for the holiday season.

WIPW: Approaching the Finish Line

It’s surprisingly  chilly today in the greater tri-state area. Enough so that I pondered using my lunch break to finish my Artichoke French.  I am currently working on the yolk decreases and am fast approaching the end.  A giant tangle of wool that I can still tote around in the fluctuating weather and wonder if I can get the yolk done enough that I can throw it on on the way home tonight.


The first picture is more for the color of the sweater than anything else. This is looking more and more like a sweater that will be finished in a month. Just in time to start Nerd Wars.  Currently my only issue is that there are an uneven amount of decreases available on either side of the sleeve. I will just work to match them up in the next set of decreases so hopefully that will work out.

IMG_0519Since that photo was taken there have been a couple more inches added to the sweater and I’m getting closer to the point where I can pull it on without dropping a ton of stitches. Not yet though. My new favorite sweater won’t likely get any wear for a while but I for one am amazed at how quick and great a knit this was.

WIPW: Spinning and Knitting

Going to the fiber Festival in long Island did wake the spinner in me and I started to spin the rainbow braid I got on Sunday. I can’t decide how to finish it. Part of me wants to chain ply it but I seem to want to chain ply everything these days. The other part of me wants to spin some black fiber, or the glow in the dark white nylon I got with this and make a two ply yarn. IMG_0346 It’s  only two ounces of fiber so despite how thin I’m spinning I’m not expecting a massive yardage, though the two ply plan would get me more. Do I have any plans for this rainbow yarn or the rainbow tribbles I got during the Olympics? Not in the least but they sure are pretty.  Maybe I will knit a splash of color with the black sparkle yarn I have. IMG_0344 I’ve finished the right sleeve for my Artichoke French And have started on the left. It’s really starting to look like I may finish this sweater in a month *knocks on wood*. Though this does make me want to jump into Nerd Wars next tournament and both start on my Christmas knitting, and do more spinning. I have no idea what my dissertation will be unless I try Bayside again. IMG_5206

5KCBWDAY1: A Day In The Life

Day 1: Describe a day in the life of a project that you have made, or are in the process of making.

So let’s talk about a project 13 days in the making. Or perhaps talk to.  Artichoke French. A sweater I have wanted to cast on since I saw the preview of it in the Rhinebeck Sweater book.  At Rhinebeck I grabbed the yarn to make the sweater and after the disappointment of having to frog Bayside cast on a new sweater.


2014-05-01 11.32.39There was even a moment when the new sweater and the the frogged sweater were near each other in size. That moment only lasted a day or two as Bayside was put aside and I started working on Artichoke French with gusto. As the days went by, it traveled with me to and from work, to and from the couch and it grew.


2014-05-02 10.25.46-2

In a couple days it had grown past the ribbing edge and the pattern was memorized which just made it even faster to work on. There was no pattern to pull out on trains, and increases/decreases happened spaced far enough apart that when I started thinking about them I was usually a row away from needing to make one. I quickly got to the point where there was nothing but inches and inches of  knitting, with just enough pattern work to keep it interesting.

2014-05-12 11.44.20

And now as Monday gets started, its time to divide for sleeves and work my way to the end of this sweater, just in time for 80 degree weather and putting my new favorite article of clothing in a drawer for six months.  C’est la vie d’une tricoteuse.

So that’s been its life so far, using a little time magic let’s talk about how its Monday will go. Starting at the far end of Monday, midnight, Artichoke French is slowly being worked as I drift off the couch to bed. As the clock ticks and the start of the work day looms ever closer, the sweater and I head to bed. The sweater so it’s packed in the morning rush is placed near my purse.

Then it’s off to the actual morning rush, and between sips of ice coffee, and reading, a stitch or two may be worked.  Really the sweater knows at this point it’s time to shine is the evening rush. After having a photo shoot in the office, its left alone for hours. Then the evening rush comes. There is no coffee.  No reading is done, stitches are worked. The time to create the sleeve opening has arrived.  Best not to do that on a moving train.  I’ll go back to reading for a bit.

Home again, back to the couch, dinner, and Television.  But waiting at my side is the sweater. It is time to grown. Scrap yarn is within arms reach. It’s time to find/buy the DPN’s as sleeves are fast approaching.  It’s time to start carrying the next ball of yarn, as the body begins to be wrapped up. As midnight approaches, its time to head to bed, and place the sweater near my purse, to repeat again.

WIPW: Growing Artichoke French

I’m becoming addicted to my Artichoke French and its showing in the growth since Monday.  I’ve tried it on and there will be no surprise frogging  when I get to the sleeves.  It’s always nice to go back to thicker yarn after spending time with sock weight.  Also I need more of Tess’ Designer Yarns in my life. So glad a friend pointed me at them this past Rhinebeck.

2014-05-07 11.48.22-2

I’ve completed the waist increases and, am knitting my way to the underarm separation. Soon it will be time to cast on sleeves and start knitting those as well. At the rate I’m going could I finish this sweater in a month? Fingers crossed, knocks on wooden needles.  I suppose as long as I don’t lag on the sleeves or make two left sleeves it should be doable.  I’m already at 10″ and the 36″ calls for a 16 1/2″ body.

If I can finish this that quickly it might be time to pull some things that have been languishing in WIP hell and wrap them up. There were a few times during the polar vortex where I really wished my color affection or my Lothlorien cape were done. And running out needles and cables is a silly thing to do, though it did give me an excuse to order some Caspian needles and cables from Knit Picks.  I didn’t even get free shipping. I was restrained for once.

Making Monday: Flying Fast

My Artichoke French is growing and its growing fast.  Eight inches of sweater since casting on, on the 30th.  Enough so that I’m wondering how fast I can finish off a sweater. All my others have taken months and they were mostly Eco-wool so a heavier weight than this sweater.  Granted I also put them down for weeks at a time, so we’ll see how this goes.


2014-05-05 11.13.56 I really like the color and the pattern and am really glad I made this choice after being prodded at Rhinebeck to but the grey and black yarn down.  I have long since memorized the artichoke stitch pattern and other then not being able to do it in the dark, have been working on this sweater at a steady pace.  I have made it to the waist increases, and will soon be knitting my way up to sleeves.

WIPW: Artichoke French

So I’m totally pretending half my needles aren’t in other projects and found one random cable for my interchangeables to make this possible. But I have finally cast on Artichoke French. Last night I cast on a swatch and this morning  I started knitting. Its been a much anticipated sweater, and after the joy of Bayside this weekend I needed something fun to start.

2014-04-30 12.05.06

Only two rows in so far but  its on the needles and that is what I wanted. This also means that technically all the yarn I bought at Rhinebeck is on the needles (we don’t need to discuss fiber). Just in time for my next fiber event of the year, Hallockville out in Long Island May 17th.

Get On My Needles

So there is a project that I can’t wait to cast on. I have a few other things I want to finish before I  start it. But I have talked about it a few times here already. I have started getting ready.  I wound my yarn, even if it cost the death of my yarn winder.



I got the rest of the yarn wound at knitting on Thursday. So I am now ready to start swatching.  I have been interested in Artichoke French since I saw Laura Nelkin’s post about her new design. I went to Rhinebeck and got the Sweater Book, and the yarn to get started. I have a couple friends who were talking about making this a mini-KAL and I will see if I can get the ball rolling on that.  But first I have some socks to finish.  Yes those socks, yes its January.

On top of that,  this weekend, at Vogue Knitting Live, I plan to yarn for Alta. Or at least try, my back up if I find nothing at the show is some Gloss DK from Knitpicks. I seem to be on an early start with the sweaters.  Alta, I want for my Nerd Wars T11 Dissertation; my first sweater worked in pieces. I also hope to play around with Custom Fit on that sweater.  Which would mean taking my measurements at some point. I think there is  a station at VKLive for that.