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Vacation V: Food, Drink, & Tea

Not every meal was something memorable, for no other reason than sometimes one just needed sustenance, and every breakfast at the hotel looked pretty much the same. But tea. We did three afternoon teas and each was different, and good in their own way.

2013-08-30 09.58.55-2

You all saw Paris’ breakfast in the Paris post, and this was breakfast a random day in the hotel.  Breakfast was pretty much this all the days in London with random switches for eggs over easy, poached eggs, with the addition of toast on some occasions.  It was a good fortifying meal for what we were doing all these days. Lots and lots of museums, sites, and general running around.

Lunch and dinner were pretty normal meals, when I ate them. But there were drinks. All kinds of drinks.

IMG_2482   IMG_2897  IMG_3036  IMG_2480

Cocktail, beer, cider, and more cocktails.  The last was a Jam jar, which was a cocktail mixed in a small jam jar with a couple spoonfuls of various jam flavors. We may have tried all the flavors before the night was over.


Now let’s get to  the fun. Afternoon tea. This was my third trip to London and I had never actually done tea. I don’t know if the idea would have occurred to me. Well my sister planned ahead and we had 3 different teas planned; CocoMaya, The Lanesborough @ St. Regis, and Bea Bloomsbury.


The first at CocoMaya was technically a latte, and scone. But I leaned a very important lesson, I like the clotted cream and jam. I  hadn’t expected that to happen, so I was much more on board for the rest of the teas after that.  Which was handy as the next tea was extra fancy.


Thursday afternoon we headed over to tea. I was already feeling less than stellar, as this was the same day as our first visit to the British Museum where I managed to make a weak wandering of the first floor before, sitting in the cafe until my sister was done. I got the lemongrass ginger tea, to hopefully help. It was good, it wasn’t up for fighting my plague.

IMG_2948 IMG_2952  IMG_2954

The food and tea was great, and they had the “terrible” habit of offering to refill every tray as we finished them. It was tasty and enjoyable, and I wished I felt better, but it was a great tea.  Saturday was our last tea.

IMG_3144 IMG_3136 IMG_3133

Tea at Bea’s near St. Paul’s.  They even had an entire gluten free set for a friend who could not have gluten. the chocolate cupcake is actually gluten free,  she also got a Pavlova, and a meat and cheese plate. I had a moment of ‘hey I want gluten free if it that’s good.’  Now I want a regular stash of clotted cream, scones and jam. Well I have jam, as a birthday gift, I suppose I just have to make scones.