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Ommegang Progress

My Ommegang continues to grow. I have finally started the yolk decreases.

I’m starting to get really close to a sweater here! 2 yoke decreases down 16 to go. I really want to wear this sweater this winter. I also really want to cast on Zweig soon so that’s another layer of motivation.

Though this sweater has long gone past the subway knitting phase. I need to sit down with it for a few hours and follow that cable chart.


The show is over and its totally time for bed. Awesome people, awesome yarn, hopefully a good time was had by all.  The markers are back, there will be a shop update tomorrow, and the remaining markers will be added.

Look! A tiny bit of progress

I’ve made about an inch of progress on my Ommegang sweater this week. Since attaching the sleeves sometime in November. I am a couple rows away from the decrease and actually finish this sweater which I seem to have started sometime in 2016.

Though the purchase of an additional skein was clearly necessary as that tiny ball is clearly not finishing the sweater and turtle neck. I really want to finish this sweater and wear it this winter. Fingers crossed I can actually do that.  I have a few months left, maybe more.




A little more than a week into the new year and I have been pondering goals this whole time. I am still on the market for a good notebook/planner of for plotting and planning on the go.

I want to work through the stash, and at this point, its yarn, fiber, beads, and fabric. I want to make things with all of these supplies. So goals. Overall its to make more.  I know well enough to know that without some ideas on how to do that, months would slide by where I know I want to work on things but am not sure what or how.

– honestly this will just get its own post I think but two major parts
1) Finishing started sweaters (all 5)
2) Knitting all the new sweaters
Socks  – same as the sweaters really just fewer pairs on the needles than sweaters in progress

Spinning – Finishing all the spinning in progress (are we seeking a trend yet?)

Sewing – Finish that dress
Make more bags
More DPN holders
More clothes

Resume monthly shop updates
Plan some themed items (Halloween, Mardi Gras, etc)
Collaborate with a dyer/bagmaker/stitch marker maker etc


I had a lot of plans last year. Looking thorough my sparse posting last year I see so many ideas that I still think would be fun, but clearly need some work on my end if I want to try them again this year. Things like knitting ornaments in 2017. As I look at the tree that is still up, there is distinct lack of newly handmade ornaments. Its something I’m going to add to the 2018 list.

Same with another year to the box of sox. I was doing pretty well until summer started. And I still have a few new pairs on the needles. I also got the Addi FlexiFlips and I clearly need to try them. And I have a lot of skeins of self striping that need to be worked on. And I have the habit of buying more whenever they catch my attention.

Along with the fact that a big goal this year is to knit more, because my volume of knitting has dropped dramatically, and I’ve likely been getting way more yarn. I will have to do a stash exploration, and plotting after Vogue, since I know it will be enhanced then. I have been better about buying the odd single skein. Instead I buy sweater’s worth…which leads to a very different kind of problem.

So much yarn…so little time.





Gearing up for 2018

One of the things that I have been thinking of in the weeks leading up to the new year is getting some of my crafty mojo back. There have been a lot of instances lately of not having time, and way too many instances of half finished projects.  And so many ideas that haven’t gone nearly as far as they should.

I’m still trying to plot out how the year is going to go when it comes to making. I feel some things need to be scheduled.  Shop updates have become more sporadic, I have so many WIPs.  And I keep gathering sweaters worths of yarn.


I have sweaters chosen for most of these, and of course am itching to cast them all on and make a dozen more sweaters. I possibly have the yarn for that too.

It’s not all WIPs some of it is plots.

2017 wasn’t just a massive inability to finish projects there were also lots of life changes. Jobs lost, jobs gained, adventures had and fun things.

I dyed yarn a few times. I plan to make Ink  with the dyed red and grey and make a three color shawl of some kind of the green and orange.  We’ll see what happens. With the other sparea green? Who knows. Maybe I should go for some socks, since I will once again attempt box’o Sox this year.


Brooklyn got a new fun LYS  String Thing Studio and I even started to work there, and gained another regular knit night. Days surrounded by yarn are always good days.  I vended at FlameCon for the first time and was one of the winners of the costume contest. So that was a first.

Though now I’m all about thinking what costume I should make next,  Witch King of Angmar? White Dragon Armor Vex?  Another Storm incarnation?

WIP Wednesday

It’s the first WIP Wednesday of the year.  I started thinking about all of my unfinished WIPS and I think a goal this year will be to work on at least one WIP a week. Since they are all in a variety of stages of done, I’m not going to say finish them, but maybe add at least a few rows.  So what do I have on the needles? Spindles?  I mean I can complete projects. Its been done before. This year even!

  • Wonder Woman shawl #3
  • Ommegang
  • Black Artichoke French
  • Stripes Gone Crazy
  • So Faded Sweater
  • Royale Sweater
  • Into the Whirled Socks
  • Asylum fibers socks
  • Headband 1
  • Headband 2
  • Mardi Gras Socks
  • Dad’s Christmas Hat
  • Hermione’s Everyday socks
  • Thrummed flip top mitts
  • Liilli Pilli
  • Wildes Meer
  • Zealana Hat
  • Supported spindle spinning
  • Turkish Spindle spinning
  • Golding Spindle Spinning
  • Loop Batt Blues
  • Loop Batt Grays
  • Loop Batt Purple and Green

I suspect this list will be updated and made longer.  I won’t add any projects that I start in 2018, but any that existed in 2017 will be added to the list as they surface.  So 22 WIPs at the moment at least.  There is a reason I got more cables for my interchangeable needles.



Wrapping up 2017

So how did the last year go knitting goals wise? Very mixed bag. High on starting projects. Low on finishing….

Knitting Goals 

  • Finishing all the WIPS – well I started more? Is that progress?
  • Knitting more sweaters (always a goal)
    • I finished the Honey Pullover and am working on the body of Ommegang. With the sleeves done its just lots and lots of cables right now. I have the body done of an Artichoke French, and on a So Faded sweater. I have some finishing to do in 2018.     
  • More socks (Box O’sox 2017) Well there are two pairs completely done and four more that are on the needles.  And one that just needs the heels. So many socks done, for me at least. A few more pairs on the needles and, one so
  • Ornaments for me and gifting I need to go on a shopping binge at Lexicorpwell that didn’t happen at all though I do have an unfinished Wonder Woman ornament.

Spinning Goals 

img_1861 img_2349 img_1856

  • Enchanted Mesa out of handspun Loop batts – well um…
  • Just finish some of the *cough* number more than six *cough* spinning projects in process
  • Make those handspun socks – Well I found the fiber

Sewing Goals 

  • Having fun with making bags so more accessory projects
    • DPN Holders! 
  • Actually make a garment perhaps a skirt, with pockets well
  • Building my Split cosplay for Flamecon – It may be serger time done and done