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Quarterly Update

April is nearly over, and so the first part of the year has wrapped up, How am I  doing on goals so far?

Knitting Goals 

  • Finishing all the WIPS from the last year (Did you see yesterday’s post…I may have a problem)
  • Knitting more sweaters (always a goal) – I mean I was able to cast on 6 last year…
    • On Sweaters, I’ve finished the Honey Pullover and am working on the body of Ommegang. With the sleeves done its just lots and lots of cables right now. I’ve also cast on  Stripes Gone Crazy and am planning to make the Oh So Faded Sweater. So  more sweaters are starting to happen.

  • More socks (Box O’sox 2017) Well there are two pairs completely done and two more that are on the needles.  And one that just needs the heels. So many socks done, for me at least.
  • Ornaments for me and gifting I need to go on a shopping bing at Lexicorp

Spinning Goals 

img_1861 img_2349 img_1856

  • Enchanted Mesa out of handspun Loop Batts.
  • Just finish some of the *cough* number more than six *cough* spinning projects in process
  • Make those handspun socks – Well I found the fiber

Sewing Goals 

  • Having fun with making bags so more accessory projects
    • DPN Holders! 
  • Actually make a garment perhaps a skirt, with pockets
  • Building my Split cosplay for Flamecon – It may be serger time
    • It may be time to start buying supplies.

A bit of a shorter list this year but, most of these items are multipart.