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DC Day Tripping

At the moment I’m on a boltbus on my way back from visiting a friend down in DC no idea where I am right now but we just went through a tunnel.  So of course we ended up in a yarn store. Stitch D.C. in fact.  I actually went because I wanted to get size 2 bamboo circulars so I could attempt  Anthemion again after seeing a completed one live in person from another friend who had completed it and thought some of the difficulty may have been my metal circs.

We were up until well past 3am chatting and catching up, so we didn’t have a high hopes on getting a lot of sight seeing done. She’s only been in town a week and neither one of us had a car. We did end up at the National Portrait Gallery where I was distracted by this painting.

My friend despite being a fellow knitter laughed at me. But socks! Or possibly gloves but really its DPNs!

So I have ended the yarn drought.  I bought 2 skeins of 50% Wool 5o% silk, they are being put aside for the pantheon project, because they make me think of Poseidon and Hephaestus and I’ve been keeping an eye out for yarns that make me think of any of the things that make me think of the gods. I have plans to re-read my copy of Edith Hamilton’s Mythology to get some ideas for the rest of the twelves.

Also purchased were some buttons. I had wanted to take part in the Tilting Tardis Cowl knit along over at the Who Knits group on Ravelry but  I didn’t have any buttons, I found these glass recycled ones and thought they would be perfect.

I also picked up some red buttons because despite not being one of  the 12 Persephone was another member of the Greek Pantheon that I had ideas for.

April Update

Right under the wire I suppose. A Stash busting update for April.  Four months in and still not the biggest dent, though I wonder how the soon to be almost 4 hour round trip to work will effect that.  Likely on the positive end. I had a 1 1/2 hour commute round trip when I first learned to knit and that is when I made the EPIC Christmas gifts, I’m talking,  Hat, Scarf, and Flip top mittens for way too many people.

Pioneer is kindly kicking my butt which may help explain the increase in cast ons and not so much with the binding off.  Smaller size, the sleeves are perfect, the front works, the back is still too big, growls.  I will just have to deal with it later.  Ah the first sweater.

But on  to the  Tally:


Skeins Likely to Use: 138
Total Yards: 25, 558
Cast on in 2010:9

Days without a yarn Purchase in 2o10: 119


Projects: 4
Skeins: 16.25


Yards:  23,576
Skeins: 122

Slow and steady win the race I suppose. And I did just pick up E. Zimmermann’s Knitting Workshop today so I’m a step closer to starting my  Captain America’s Shield Shawl.  Likely, I   shall break my yarn drought with white lace weight yarn to start the shawl.

Stash Busting Progress

So its March. Month three of the plan to empty out the stash. How is it going? Slow going but there is progress. Also I found out the name of some mystery yarn when I saw it at Gotham Fine Yarns. It’s actually Noro Cash Iroha. I also found another skein of some purple lace.

And an update of the Year’s Goal:


Skeins Likely to Use: 138
Total Yards: 25, 558
Cast on in 2010:6

Days without a yarn Purchase in 2o10: 72


Projects: 4
Skeins: 12.25

I started yet another Dalek in Worsted Weight, and its been flying off the needles. I ran out of the yarn and that is likely the only reason its not my fastest finished Dalek ever.

It knit up in about 2 days which was great and reminded me that I may have been using lace for a little too long, for the Christmas cowl, beret, and dalek.

So I went back to the Marvel scarf and have mad some progress on DareDevil.

But along the same Marvel Plan I want to make a Captain America Circular shield shawl.  So the first part I wanted to get down was the star. I figure once that was done I could work out the lace and increases simply enough.

With that in mind I knit this star pattern, Stars From the East which was quick and easy. I think I would need to eventually make the star via a provisional cast on then work my way back out. There will likely be a lot of frogging and hair pulling but that is how the JLA scarf came to be so It shall be interesting. I have a couple other designs planned, we’ll see how that goes.

Plots and Plans

So I’ll be heading to a Superbowl Party on Sunday, (me and everyone one else on the planet likely). Football is actually the only major sport I have no feelings for or understanding of. So instead I’m planning on what to bring to knit. And in planning what to bring to knit I went through a couple of my knitting books and caught sight of patterns I like and things I had planned to make for others and myself. So in conjunction with Stash Bust ’10 will be, my earliest Christmas knits ever.

Well I am not starting them soon, I still have a Dalek to finish but I tend to have theme years. This year though I didn’t noticed till right now seemed to be Who themed. Be it knit or Polymer. Last year was hat, scarf and mitten sets or some adjustment of that.

But I think next year will be the year of Christmas stockings. Likely filled stockings.  But most likely they will be in colors other than red though I have a ton of red yarn, we’ll see what happens. I also fell behind on the geek ornaments that I was working on though I do have  a Dalek and A tardis. There is no K9, Red Shirts, Science officers, capes, or Cowls.

I also have a vague October deadline to make the Marvel scarf as that is when this year’s NYC ComicCon is happening. I also had hoped to hit San Diego’s ComicCon this year but the whole lack of employment makes that much less likely.

I made it to Wine and Knitting tonight at Gotham Fine Yarns, and met some new knitters, had wine, and DID NOT purchase any yarn. And there was a sale. And another sale. And a discount if your items were being purchased for the Ravelympics or maybe it was a discount later? No idea. I didn’t buy anything and understanding the sales would have made me sad and tempted to buy Noro Cash Iroha by the pound.

37 Days Without Yarn Purchase in 2010. 🙁

Insanity Pt. I

So I’m making a sweater not just any sweater but Vivian. Did I mention this will be my first sweater? I have 2 choices of yarn. Some Cascade 220 and Some Fashion sock yarn.

vs  though the second looks more like a wine red than the brown-ish tone this picture seems to be showing.  I have six skeins of the 220 and 10 Skeins of the sock at 193yds a skein. I do not actually like abuse and would double strand it if working in the fingering weight. I think the cables would look better in that color but wonder if I should torture myself less and use the worsted weight. Also there is a slight fear of running out of yarn if double stranding in combination with my epic torso. Though I bought the cascade so long ago there is no chance of the same dye lot. sigh.

In other news the pattern is making sales yay. I had forgotten about the Paypal fees so losing 1/3 before doing anything but I think I will just add that in out of pocket. The least I can do for the country that gave me my parents.

In happier news. I finally finished some Christmas gifts and gifted a couple this week. The Cowl went off to A tonight actually and the gloves were handed of to our bartender at Beer and Knitting along with the arm-warmers a friend made as her attempts at slippers kept failing.

That just leaves the Dalek which is at about an inch high still. And dad’s hat which is yet again a ball of yarn in the corner.

And an update of the Year’s Goal:


Skeins Likely to Use: 137
Total Yards: 25, 558
Cast on in 2010: 2

Days without a yarn Purchase in 2o10: 29


Projects: 2
Skeins: 1

New Year and New Plots

First off, Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you all had a good time ringing in 2010. I was at a Steampunk Bar with a TARDIS (Yes it was bigger on the inside)  to the Bathroom and Absinthe  shots at Midnight I had fun.  So I mentioned before my friend’s idea for a stash bust. Well I figure I should keep track of it somewhere. And keep track of my progress or lack there of. And also keep track of any new yarn I buy, which is not allowed until I am employed (fingers crossed on sticking to that).

So  a list of sorts. First up projects started but not finished in 2009. Not sure how I will deal with projects that will used 25yds or less of something like Cascade 220 in a variety of colors but as the months progress I’m sure I’ll think of something. Then a list of all the yarn that I think I would actually use in 2010. So none of my acrylic or odder novelty yarns are on this list.  Sadly my ravelry stash needs an overhaul, so it will likely not be updated at least not right now.

In better news I remembered that I had emailed my Justice League Scarf Pattern around so there should be a PDF in the next couple of days now that the pattern won’t have to be rewritten again (my flash drive killed itself) . I may add a few more files on my version of Double Knitting once I AGAIN get a new camera.

Projects- Cast on ’09

Blanket 2/24 skeins used
Marvel Scarf/ JLA scarf 2 – 1/10 Skeins used
True Blood bag- 2/4 skeins used
Twilight Bag – 2/4 skeins used

Projects Planned

Office Shawl II
Knotty or Nice Hat
Green Lantern Bag
JLA scarf 2
Batman Scarf
Sock Weight Sweater
Cascade 22o Sweater
Dalek Kahn
Purple gloves
Cabled hat/scarf/glove set
Spiderman Scarf
Dark-Mark bag


Skeins Likely to Use: 137
Total Yards: 25, 558

Days without a yarn Purchase in 2o10: 4


Projects –
Skeins –

Below is a list of all the yarn and number of skeins.