I’m Marsha and you’ve reached the home of my not-so-secret identity 1geek2craft all. Market researcher by day, crafty creator by night, I’ve been knitting since 2008, crocheting since 2005, and working in beads since pre-internet times. I started creating original designs when I decided that I needed something to wear to NYCC and a Justice League scarf was the only thing that would do.
A fan of a swath of things that too long to list, let’s just say if it involves monsters, magic, aliens, time/space travel, capes or animation, I’ve likely given it a gander or it’s on my to-do list.
I’m often found wandering the wilds of NYC or huddled in a cubicle. Every once in a while you’ll find me somewhere where the name ends in “con”. I may be painted blue or sporting a white mohawk.

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