2018 Knitting


Last year,  was a banner year for knitting sweaters. A friend I attempted 12 sweaters in 2018.  I did not get to 12. More like 5 completed sweaters, including a NaKniSweMo sweater with a couple days to spare, unlike NaNoWriMo which was abandoned after a couple days. 80% of another sweater  and started a few more.


And I have to say, the sweater bug has not passed.  I really want to finish up my Storm Tracker (5th photo) just the rest of the last sleeve  and my Crazyheart 4th photo and my poor oft languished Royale (2nd photo).

The finished sweaters from the bottom up are Ommegang, So Faded, Zweig, Sipila, and Tarian.  And I think after finishing some of the sweaters in progress I will be looking to knit more sweaters this year. I still have an abundance of sweater quantities of yarn.

I may not aim for 12 sweaters this year just because it felt like I wasn’t allowed to knit other things, so maybe just some sweaters. I also like knitting small things, like I’d like another pair of actual gloves, rather than flip tops, as there are times where I really don’t need the flips.  Its a small thing, but a project that took away sweater time always made me pause.

So this year the sweater adventure is more vague. I want something else with all over cables, another yolked sweater, and maybe a cardigan.