Something New in Progress

So this WIPW I’m looking at something really new. Or moderately new.

I’ve picked up a dotted journal and my plan is to use it to keep track of things throughout the year. I say moderately new because I always tend to have a notebook on the go and jot things down but for the most part things like that tend to be show prep, and the like.

I’m still working out layouts, and plans but I’ve added a page filled with WIPs by category and general goals. The plan is to take advantage of things like the table of contents and page numbers and start sorting things.

I’ve never kept a notebook like this, and I’m avoiding the term bullet journal as I doubt I will keep track day to day. But themes? Themes I can do. Other than my WIPs I have notions of what I want to do and my thought is I can update, elaborate, clarify, and expand on the go.

Like I’ve been thinking making a set number of different items a month, like five project bags a month or 20 pairs of skein earrings.

But I would not like the same thing on stitch markers for example. As it’s hard to say when I will have new ideas and when new supplies will come in handy. So I’ll continue to work on this notebook in progress and see where the next few months takes me. So if someone has something fun that I can add to this endeavor that will help my success let me know.