Blog Neglect

Ooof – the last post was in April, not a good sign, but the day job had been eating a lot of my time.  Well that is over at least, and now its time to get back into the blogging groove.  There are plenty of things going on that should get me back into blogging.

So there will be a shop update Saturday at 10am. It’s June so its heavily pride filled, also Wonder Woman because that movie was awesome.  There will also be project bags. And larger Faux leather bottom sweater bags. I’ve been using my protype to carry my Ommegang. So three 400 yard skeins of worsted weight Neighborhood Fiber Co.


I added a strap to the bag but otherwise it hasn’t changed much in design.

There are plenty of things coming up on my end.

I’m in a wedding in July so I should really pick up the pace on the shawl I’m knitting since I’m making two!   17 rows in, on the  plus side it does get smaller every other row. It’s Frangipani by Kitman Figuora.


So here’s hoping I get my posting act back together in the coming weeks.