November Shop Update

There was a lot of restocking in this update, lots of stitch markers out of hibernation. Also there seems to have been a lot of new Doctor Who designs. You take a show off the air for a year and I get all nostalgic.

IMG_1316  IMG_9673 IMG_0526 greyjoy_sm1 IMG_1526  IMG_9800

Holiday Notions bags are back.

IMG_0592 IMG_0590 IMG_0585 IMG_0572 IMG_0600 IMG_0568


And now for the new designs-

In Doctor Who we have; A Good Man Goes to War, Dalek,  Tenth Doctor, Doctor…Who… and Cyberman.

img_1765 img_1773 img_1776 img_1787 img_1799

In a few different fandoms, and life we have; I Drink and I know things, Unicorn Party,  Decorative Gourd Season, the Winter Solider,  and Pantsuit Nation wrap up this update.

img_1792 img_1806 img_1780 img_1796 img_1768


The next update will be Saturday December 10th which should just make the shipping cut offs.