Version 1

Haven’t been around for a bit, but I have been knitting away. Most recently I’ve been working on a Captain America Shield Pie Shawl attempt.

It took about two weeks,  I worked on it a lot while at dragon con and on the flights, though I suspect less obviously nerdy then the hero squares I worked on last year.

I used the same pattern that was from the baby blanket then modified on a whim as I worked on it.

There a few changes I’ve decided to make. One thing I realized pretty quickly was that this one would be much too small. Its more like a shawlett at least when I fold it in half.

Its about 33″ in diameter  and I’d likely want to double that the next time around.  I also need to work a different kind of increase or at least switch to a KFB sooner than i did.

As you can see at the end of the blocking which took ages and a few tries to get right, the star wasn’t as sharp as i wanted it and nothing was quite as round as I had been hoping. I’m sure there’s a way to get that star done with the blue. I may go back to the old plan of a provisional cast on.

Though this update will have to wait a while. I’m working on a new Justice League scarf for a friend, and while its going quickly the train was actually so crowded this morning that I wasn’t able to work n it in the morning.

I’ve been writing on the bus so most of my knitting is done on the subway.

The amazing thing about this picture is that its of the first scarf but I am at the same point.  Or possibly a row shorter.  I still wonder if the pattern is as easy to read as I think it is. I had a couple knitters look it over, but I don’t think any of them actually worked on a square.

There is at least 1 person who is working on one but they haven’t uploaded any pictures so I’m still waiting to see what theirs looks like.

Once I finish that which I hope to do by next week I plan, to start Christmas/winter knitting.

I have a plan to make a bunch of stockings and get smaller stocking stuffers and gift that. As I still haven’t made a pair of socks it will be interesting. I also haven’t actually chosen a pattern just yet.  I’m sure they will be in a variety of colors to match my friends, my stash, and even traditional Christmas colors.

But I think if I start in October, I’ll know how doable it is by Nano and will be able to go, and re think gifts and possibly just do ornaments.

Anyone else already thinking about holiday knits? Been thinking about them for month.