Dyeing Fiber: A mixed bag

I may have fallen down a dyeing rabbit hole.  I pulled out two ounces of Romney and broke it out into a few bumps to try dyeing fiber.

IMG_1630  IMG_1631


So the first round didn’t go as well as planned. I set up the fiber, added the dye.  Blue, red, grey, and black.


So I might have used a bit too much water in the pot for the amount of fiber that I had. Why does that matter?  Well, the more water in the pot the more the dye blends.


My finished lovely four colors, blended into a nice black with the occasional streak of red or blue undertones.  On the plus side, I did not felt the fiber and do need some black fiber for a project.  So yay, on  the con, that was not what I was aiming for.

IMG_1634 IMG_1637

I had one bump left so I decided to try one last time. As you can see, much less water in the pot. Still a little bit too much but better than the first time around.  I added turquoise, yellow, and a splash of grey. I got Turquoise, green, and some yellow.


So a dyed fiber semi-victory.