Adventures Using Stitch Markers

Stitch Markers. I may be biased towards them since I do make them. But the truth is there are a lot of moments when a stitch marker was a saving grace. How you may ask?  Come into my parlor…


At first, when I started knitting, I used stitch markers only when the pattern called for it and only how the pattern called for it to be used. There were some additional uses I picked up quickly and some that were magical discoveries in a project much later than it should have been.  So fellow knitters what secrets of stitch markers have you discovered?  Here are a few of mine.


  • The first time I realized you could use stitch markers for counting when casting on an obscene number of stitches…cast on 43439 stitches you say…
  • Lace – markers have saved me from many a mistake before it would have been ripping back the afore mentioned 43439 stitches
  • End of round marker
  • Progress marker – especially for that period where you knit and knit and the yarn gets smaller but the project doesn’t seem to get any bigger
  • Oh six charts that you alternate  within the same row of the project – matches markers to chart
  • Never forget to do those first/last three stitches on the end of a shawl- every time I think I don’t need those markers – 40 rows later, wait wasn’t there a garter edging?
  • That moment when as a stitch marker maker you are away from home and have no stitch markers. You may just laugh at yourself and use yarn scraps. And that random marker that was in the bottom of the bag.

teal sock4