K1G2 CanCon KAL

The Knit 1 Geek 2 podcast is hosting a CanCon (Canadian Content) KAL, knit a Canadian designers pattern and/or use a Canadian based yarn.  You can read the full details here.  I’ve decided to start Royale and get going at my attempt at six sweaters this year. The pattern actually has you knit the sleeves of the sweater first, but for some reason every time I put the project down, I made another error. So I decided to start the body.


We’ll see if that was a terrible plan. But so far it is going well.  I’m hoping that once I get used to the charts it will be easier to go back to the sleeves. Not to mention alternating three skeins is a lot less painful across 190 stitches than across 40 or so.  So my first sweater this year is in Neighborhood Fiber Co. Worsted in Studio North.



I also seem to be in bit a of a red mood. I am  knitting the Wildes Meer shawl in some Hedghog Fibers in Sin.  Kristin of Voolenvine Yarns is hosting a knit along.