So the Rainbow-along hosted by the Suburban Stitcher started yesterday. It wasn’t really all that hard for me to decide to jump in. I really like rainbow yarn and have spun up a lot of it.  I have chosen one of the skeins of rainbow handspun that I have, a skein of Madeline Tosh merino Light in Magic, and a skein of Witch Candy Yarn’s in Light bright.



All of these yarns, and a few more in my stash say rainbow to me. Its fun how the rainbow can still come out in a variety of ways. I think the first on my needles will be the light bright.


I want to make the Vertigo Mitts out of this and I think it will look awesome with the pops of color. I also may have found my plane knitting for this weekend. Now to find the needles. Steps I suppose. Small steps.