VKLive Mini Preview

By this time next week,  I should have finished a Thursday night booth set up, and be working somewhere in midtown getting ready to do the first night of Vogue Knitting Live NYC.  So I decided to show a preview of some of the sets of markers old and new styles that I’ve been working on. I’ve made a little over 60 sets for this how at this point, and that’s not counting the new solo progress markers that I have put together as well.



This weekend I am aiming to make some more notions bags. I have some new fabrics I’d like to sew, but we’ll see what happens.

IMG_0852  IMG_0851  IMG_0853  IMG_0855


We have the counter markers with the numbers 0-8 in the markers. So 9 markers per set in a variety of colors. More Yarn Skein markers in different sizes and colors. From top left, multi-craftual Markers, Carry on my wayward son,  all seven of the DADA teachers (though year 7 is simply a death eater marker), and The boy who loved. And lastly, New York State of Craft, Wine and Chocolate, Sudden yet Inevitable Betrayal, and some of the Solo progress markers.  There are lots more in progress, and even done.