The 12 Hour Sweater

So on Monday, I decided to cast on a baby sweater for a shower I’m going to this weekend.  I have been working on a chevron baby blanket that is about 55% done at this point but I wanted a change of pace for a little bit. Clearly a sign that I am never a monogamous knitter.




So I looked up baby sweater patterns and was torn for a little while between  Jeudi a pullover and the  Bug Warmer. I decided to go with the Bug Warmer  as there were more size options and I was using a variegated yarn and I thought the cable would get lost in it. 


I cast on and started working and was quite surprised how fast the sweater went in even an hour.  That was about the point I decided I wanted to see if I could finish it by the end of the day, or at least by the time I went to bed. I had cast on around 11.


By about 3 in between working and  eating I had separated for the sleeves.  and was making steady progress on the body, so this looked like something I could do. So of course I didn’t touch the sweater again until about 7.


I was able to finish the body by 10. And then I had to make a decision. Having read the patten and the size I chose, my skein of yarn was about 40 yards shorter than the recommendation.  All I had left were the sleeves and the pattern did come in long and short sleeve versions.  I decided to go with the short sleeve version and by 11:30, I had a finished sweater! This is the first finished sweater of 2015.


One gift down one to go.