The Start of Something Dangerous

I have finished the yarn I was spinning on the Golding spindle.  I ended up with 48 yards of a fingering weight 2ply.  It came out  quite nice and I started to wonder what I would do with it. I could turn it into earrings, but that would be a lot of pairs.

IMG_8707Along with watching the most recent episode of the MustStash Podcast where Stacie did a quick tutorial on a Turkish Spindle. I mean my spindle was right there. So I grabbed it and the tribble sample I got started and was victorious.  So that is another project going on.

So at this point you are probably wondering what could possibly be dangerous about any of this? Mini-Skiens guys. Hand spun Mini Skeins. So clearly I need a project to make with them. I have ruled out the bee keepers quilt because that would be something that would most likely end up  as “that wip the cats sit on.”

The Memory Blanket seems safer even if it will take just as long, the not having x-hundreds of puffs to join at the end appeals. And just when you thought it was safe…Hmm could I make an entire blanket out of handspun odds and ends? Some one stop me.