2014 A Wrap Up

Happy New Year!

How did the progress on 12 in 2o14 go? And the Goals for 2014? Pretty darn good.

1. I frogged the Flintshire since I had no idea what row I was working on. Seemed like the best plan of action. The yarn is waiting, and since I have decided to either make sweaters or hats, its a good time to pick it back up.

2. IMG_0531 Artichoke French

3. Alta I have been working on sweaters I have the yarn for. So this has been put on the 2015 goal list as I have the yarn now. I have five sweaters worth of yarn not on the needles… But – Rocky Coast and Down East means progress right?

4. A project with sparkle yarnzx

5. Handspun Socks – Still spinning

6. Pendulum Shawl

7. 2014-04-16 18.27.06 Bowties are cool

8. A pair of socks ….

9. IMG_6871 Finish Color Affection

10. Finish Bloomery er…

11. Wurm – I feel that with Hat Season I get a pass. So many hats.

12. IMG_7016 Finish Spinning Blue Fiber


Bonus: Knit items from books I own:

  1. Artichoke French

Sub bonus? Knit from patterns I own:

  1. Rocky Coast (also 2013 goal!)
  2. Bayside



  1. More Festivals/Shows/Conventions (Last year was, Rhinebeck, Hallockville, VKL (NYC), & NYCC) I’d like to do all those again and add MDSW, and maybe Stitches East as a day trip. No Maryland but maybe Stitches East will still happen. So Stitches East was the same weekend as NYCC, The Kings County  Fiber Festival, and the New York Yarn Crawl. Geez.
  2. More SweatersThree down one on the needles
  3. More Designing – I will be hunting a tech editor etc to get going
  4. More Spindles – We will come back to this, I want a Spanish Peacock or a Golding, or one from Aaron Makes Stuff ….
  5. More Spinning Year of Handspun
  6. Knitting with HandspunHats!
  7. More pattern releases (I have so many half done design projects I need to start sharing)
    I’ve been doing a lot more submissions so I’m working towards that
  8. Vacation – There is talk about doing a weekend in DC. We got a cottage, I’m counting Rhinebeck. :D Plus I have a bunch of long weekends in October. I took the time  between christmas and new years as a craftcation
  9. Do the holiday knitting for the shop throughout the year The Holiday Fair at Grace Church got myself into gear
  10. Collaboration If you went to Knit Dizzney I was in the gift bag. I’m one of the sponsors for the New York Yarn Crawl and have a few prizes out for KAL’s Who’s doing the Pigskin Party? I have prizes there. And there are things in work for next year. 


And on the front of things that in 2013 that I would not have thought about at all, vending.  Vending in person for WWKIP and The Grace Church Fair were both completely unplanned surprises.