Making All The Things

I’m currently working on two very different projects. Or to be realistic, I am working on many, many, different projects but right at this moment, I am putting together a menu for Thanksgiving  and the other project? Looking at all the pullover sweaters.


There are 138 sweaters in my queue. So between deciding if I should have regular potatoes, sweet potatoes or both. I’m going through the list. This also clearly means I need to pick up, frog, and restart Bayside once more.  I lost track of what row I am on, as the notes on the pattern are for 2 rounds of knitting the sweater already and I either missed or did extra increases because the count makes no sense.  I will be printing a clean version of the pattern and going again.


Let’s not discuss the fact that with the start of fall like every fall I want all new accessories. I should just make Flintshire at least.