WIPW: The Road to Rhinebeck

It’s that time of year again. Time for the NYS Sheep and Woo Festival. The weekend after  NY Comic Con, because all my favorites happen in October.


The weather report makes me think it will be more like my first Rhinebeck where I had gotten down to a T-shirt and my lovely cabled Vivian was around my waist.  I have an insane plan to buy nothing but another Bosworth spindle at Rhinebeck. We’ll see what actually happens, if last year was any indication… I kept to the yarn rule. The fiber one not so much.  I have yet to touch any of that fiber. Sigh.


So what am I planning exactly if not a plan of attack:

  • Car/House knitting is a must
  • What/if any spinning to bring
  • What meetups to go to
  • Okay one possible purchase (yarn for Alta)
  • Clothes to pack
  • Snacks to bake/pack – I’m hoping I can make deep fried tequila shots
  • Notebook for NaNoWriMo plotting
  • Weave in ends on Rocky Coast
  • Weave in ends on DownEast

I look forward to it.  I have an easy Rhinebeck, I know a friend putting together a spreadsheet, and another has a goal to see demonstrations. So say hi!