FO Friday: Claudia Hat

I finished the Claudia Hat  I cast on Monday. Its a free pattern on Raverly and I knit it in a mystery skein of Plucky Knitter worsted weight. Mystery as I lost the tag, and if I recall correctly it was an odd/one off ball.


I feel that despite the pattern name with the yarn choice I ended up with a very masculine hat to throw into the gift pile. Currently my plan of  attack, is to make hats, and maybe mitts with all the wild single skeins of worsted I keep finding as I make sense of the stash.


There looks like there could be enough yarn to make matching fingerless mitts, and the ribbing pattern at the edge would  be simple enough to repeat. That would be an adventure for the weekend.  I’ve also gone and cast on Down East today, and will see if I can magic up a finish by 10/17 – 22 whole days. Why? To see if I can really, I have plenty of sweaters to wear to Rhinebeck if I fail.  You know like the one I finished Sunday.