Sweaters, All the Sweaters

So this weekend I came down with a mild something. It didn’t keep me from going to Maker Faire and teaching spinning, though I was full of cold meds, and mostly had a scratchy throat at that point. Sunday I slept til noon-ish, roused myself to eat and finished my Rocky Coast very slowly through the day.

IMG_7410 IMG_7408 IMG_7406

The other thing I worked on was pulling out all my sweaters worth of yarns  and figure out exactly what I have. And lo,  have the yarn to make 5 more sweaters without buying anything. I’m planning to cast on Down East  next in purple.  Followed by finishing my  Bayside before I cast on another sock weight sweater. So currently my knitting plots have a theme.

IMG_7411 IMG_7412 2014-04-26 22.39.10-2

  1. Down East (one of the purples)
  2. Finish Bayside
  3. Stripes Gone Crazy (red/grey and maybe blue)
  4. Eco Wool Sweater   (red/black)
  5.  Sock weight Sweater (dark red 10 skeins)
  6. Anything but a  sweater with the remaining purple ( Down East and Dark And Stormy will be close enough in color that a third sweater will be a bit much)

There is no real schedule for these.  Perhaps I will attempt to slip on in for NaKniSweMo while working on NaNoWriMo. But that may be asking for trouble. Especially since I want to cast on the quick knit sweater yesterday.