Stash Busting Progress

So its March. Month three of the plan to empty out the stash. How is it going? Slow going but there is progress. Also I found out the name of some mystery yarn when I saw it at Gotham Fine Yarns. It’s actually Noro Cash Iroha. I also found another skein of some purple lace.

And an update of the Year’s Goal:


Skeins Likely to Use: 138
Total Yards: 25, 558
Cast on in 2010:6

Days without a yarn Purchase in 2o10: 72


Projects: 4
Skeins: 12.25

I started yet another Dalek in Worsted Weight, and its been flying off the needles. I ran out of the yarn and that is likely the only reason its not my fastest finished Dalek ever.

It knit up in about 2 days which was great and reminded me that I may have been using lace for a little too long, for the Christmas cowl, beret, and dalek.

So I went back to the Marvel scarf and have mad some progress on DareDevil.

But along the same Marvel Plan I want to make a Captain America Circular shield shawl.  So the first part I wanted to get down was the star. I figure once that was done I could work out the lace and increases simply enough.

With that in mind I knit this star pattern, Stars From the East which was quick and easy. I think I would need to eventually make the star via a provisional cast on then work my way back out. There will likely be a lot of frogging and hair pulling but that is how the JLA scarf came to be so It shall be interesting. I have a couple other designs planned, we’ll see how that goes.