Friday Ponderings

It’s the Friday before a long weekend, so of course I’m considering things like, casting on two more sweaters, starting a Halloween themed spinning project, and also reorganizing the craft room and my bedroom. Because you know one extra day means cramming a week worth of work into it.

What sweaters do I want to make?  Pumpkin Ale and Rocky Coast Cardigan The thing is I do have two sweaters worth of yarn.


Six balls of cascade 220 that I think would  work for the Rocky Coast.


And a giant skein of Dark purple yarn for  Pumpkin Ale.  Its a darker yarn than the one I used for Dark and Stormy but the same brand.

I want more sweaters always, and I keep working a row or two on Bayside and putting it down for a week. Not the most conducive to have  a finished product.  For those of you who have a long weekend, what are you planning for the Labor Day weekend?


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