FO: Peacock Shawlette

So last Tuesday I had to frog the shawl. And well losing close to half my time with nothing to show for it may have motivated me strongly.

IMG_0593Wednesday morning I had just a couple of the 50 rows of lace and was planning on cutting it short since I had cast on 201 stitches instead of the 273.  I actually finished the shawl by Friday night, while out with friends.

2014-06-20 23.31.12-2Surprising, well I already know I work better under pressure but that was a bit of a surprise. I’ll go with it. So Saturday morning I got ready to block and even had keen eye observing the process.


It turns out she had ulterior motives.  Blocking shawls with a cat is always an adventure.  But the shawl is done, dry and unpinned a week early even!