Making Monday: Dyeing Yarn

Last week I mentioned that there was dye in my future.  On Saturday, I got my supplies together. Possibly a little haphazardly as I ran from room to room, gathering supplies, and oddities.  Solo cups, yarn,  bucket, gloves, sword, you know the usual supplies.  I started with 5 skeins of Lion Brand  pure wool, which comes in an off white color and 2 boxes of Rit Pearl Grey Dye.



Happily the yarn wasn’t caked when I got it. I  simply untwisted and removed the tie that was on one end as it was much too tight and added  about four ties per skien evenly spaced in some acrylic I had lying around. Tying each loosely I  had five rings ready to dye.

2014-02-11 22.59.16


The next step was prepping the hot water and dye. The water was to be at 140 degrees. I brought the water to a simmer. Mixing it with a bit of warmer water, and premixing the dye in the solo cup.  Then it was time to soak the yarn in hot water and drop it into the dye bucket.



Then came the first interesting part of the process. The fabric is supposed to be agitated regularly. When I was gifted this wool, and mentioned my dye plot my friend warned it is a wool  that enjoyed felting if you looked at it too hard.



There were holes in my gloves, and so doing this by hand was off the table. After some thought I grabbed my trainer sword. It’s stainless steel, and could actually move the yarn unlike, my original tools which were plastic and foiled by the wet yarn.  I stirred for a few minutes, then let it sit, as I wandered off to watch Olympics coverage.


I rinsed the skeins until the water ran clear.  Than I gave it another good rinse with some wool wash before hanging it in the tub to dry. This morning I had  dry grey wool, that is waiting to be wound. My new winder will be arriving tomorrow so  that shouldn’t be long.

2014-02-17 12.20.57


It was a fun dyeing adventure, but the random odds and ends that I was missing, made it clear to me, that dyeing is still an one off activity, even as I get ideas.  So many ideas.  I am just glad to be victorious with this  and get five matching skeins.