There’s Dye in my Future

I mentioned yesterday I had to leave the awesome Twitter gathering of Knitters early. This was because I had to help a friend move.  The biggest issue was the snow on the ground. Though I did learn I could easily straddle a curbside snow hill and hoist a mattress around in three inch heels (slightly poor planning there but great chunky rubber soles).  In thanks we were gifted yarn, dinner, and drinks.

2014-02-09 19.38.18-2

5 Skeins or 900 yards of a white single ply wool.  I immediately thought of my single ply wool cashmere blend that is somewhere between 900 and1000 yards.  I am not sure about the yardage, but it is just under what  has been needed for every sweater I have ever been tempted to make with it by 2 -4oo yards.


But a bright red yarn and a white yarn? Likely striped? How was I going to get that to look like anything but Christmas?  So the white yarn is going into a dye bath. I’m thinking grey. What shade? I’ll let the dye decide that for me since other then an adventure with kool-aid I haven’t  dyed anything since.  I might also attempt black, but that could get a little Freddy if the black comes out faded, while red and black are my favorite colors, looking like the king of nightmares is not actually a life goal.  If I can get my act together, I will buy the dye and play around this weekend.  Hopefully I can head to the fashion district,  and grab some dye and dye pots.  Almost makes me wish I had kept the pots from the  Birthday Seafood Feast.

I’m thinking when the color adventure is over Wintry Mix, in some kind of stripes will be  sweater of choice. Somehow this is becoming the year of the sweater and I’m okay with that. It’s cold out there guys.