Markers and a Pair

Finished the gloves finally. Weaved in ends and everything last weds at beer and knitting.

IMG_0188 IMG_0193

And I have made a whole lot of Stitch Markers in the last week.

IMG_0176 IMG_0252


In varying colors styles and beads. I also used a different wiring technique so it is a thicker single strand instead of a thinner double loop. Which also meant that the only color is in the beads and  all the wiring is silver.


I’ve also reworked the prophecy orbs  from Order of the Phoenix and I like this set much better and they shall be making their way to my Etsy.

Also I have a new favorite set of stitch Markers. Its always the sets that I have a fixed number of beads too. This one is a set of seven and makes me think of what it would look like if you locked a bit of the Time Vortex in glass.


Or I could have been watching too much Season 3. Hums Here come the drums, Here come the drums.

In other news I have reached 43,784 in the Nano word count. I’m not sure if I will make my personal goal of 75K but barring any disasters I will at least reach 50. The story is descending down a few winding paths and I’m having a lot of fun following them.

Now Christmas is coming soon so its time for the impossible list of things I will knit by the 25 or sooner (as some have to be shipped over seas)

– Ornaments I’m thinking six, if I’m feeling adventurous maybe even in 3D
-Gloves/Arm warmer set (Strata in Knitting New Mittens and Gloves)
– Cowl Hood  in superwash lace  (no pattern yet)
-Sweater (for me so it doesn’t really have a deadline but I want to start it)
-Marvel Scarf (again for me and I’ve picked it up again Next hero up is Daredevil)
-knitting bag (though this would be a sewing project)
-Dalek Scarf
-True Blood bag (though if this is a gift or an item to sell I haven’t really decided)
-Super family of potholders though they will likely be sold separately Bizzaro is still on the needles somewhere.