Jan 8: WIPW: 12 in 2014

Well I decided. I enjoyed having a go to list of projects throughout the year and it’s a good reminder of what some yarn or fiber has been allotted to. Twelve projects to get done throughout the year.

1. A hat From this cephalopod yarn  – I grabbed from VKLive last year.  Yes I’ve stuck needles in it already.







2. Artichoke French – with my two skeins of Tess’s Designer Yarns which I will finish winding when I get a new winder or just bring to knit night tomorrow.







3. Alta 

4. A project with sparkle yarn possibly Boomslang







5. A pair of hand spun socks – spinning required







6. Pendulum Shawl  Possibly knit in a mix of hand spun and Sheepy time knits.







7.  A pair of Mitts  options include; Loria, Nimue, Bartender’s Choice, Cabletilt

8. A pair of socks   possibly, Highland Fling, Stalagmite, Smaug

10. Finish Bloomery 

2013-08-02 09.04.04






11. Wurm

12. Finish Spinning blue fiber

2013-01-28 23.01.44







I also want to knit items from the many – many pattern books that I’ve purchased and not worked from.