Sticth Markers, Marvel Scarf, Squares

SD Card purchased so this post is full of pictures. I may be over compensating. Yarn Crawl starts tomorrow which should be fun though I don’t plan on doing anything before Saturday.  And we’ll see how quickly I get started. I may just end up doing my talk and going to the 2 particpating  yarn stores in Brooklyn as I can walk to them both.

So Captain America is done.

Captain America

Not sure  who’s next. Possibly Ms. Marvel.

There are also Stitch Markers


Gryffindor  Markers – Harry Potter

I could have sworn I had more of these beads so they may become earrings but I think they are wonderful markers. There just happen to be three of them at the moment.

Face of Boe

Face of Boe Markers – Doctor Who/Torchwood

These are my favorites of the sets I created, and I like the fact that each is in a different color. I wanted Boe Wavy bits but I thought that would be much to likely to snag to be any fun knitting with.


Department of Mysteries – Prophecy Orbs – Harry Potter

Execution of these makes me wonder, and there may be a return to the drawing board. But these beads reind me very much of the prophecies as seen in movie 5.

And below the cut the pictures of the squares.

The pictures of the squares finally


Super family

The Super Family


Hawkman and the Green Lantern