Traveling Knitter

My sister and I have been discussing going on vacation during the summer together since the fall. On Sunday, we met and booked a flight for the last week of August. Where are we going? London with a day trip in Paris.




I have as readers may remember, been to London twice. My sister has never been and neither one of us has ever been to Paris.  So I have just over a month to figure out some off the beaten path things to do in London. Though my sister has said she would be happy spending days wandering the British Museum and The Tower of London.


So now comes the work of:

  • Booking a hotel
  • Booking a train to Paris
  • Planning Paris (right now we have Louvre and food, its a short list)
  • Having a vague outline of the trip
  • Gathering friends for meals/drinks
  • Picking museums
  • Something Dr. Who has to be happening for the 50th around this time right?
  • Picking clothes and packing
  • Picking travel projects
  • Do I yarn store or don’t I yarn store? Loop was very nice last time…


Lots of work still to be done. But we have over a month. And of course I am always looking for recommendations.  Especially on where to eat/drink, you put my sister and I together and we become massive foodies.