Tour De Fleece Prep

TDF 2013 is nearly upon us and I have begun prepping to spin, spin, spin away. I’ve gone through my fiber for the most likely contenders for spinning and have quite a few options. As my spinning stash has grown, then grown some more.

2013-06-26 08.50.08   2013-06-26 08.49.09   2013-06-26 08.48.43  2013-04-21 22.11.50


These four fibers are the ones that I think that I will be attempting to work with. Though I doubt that I will finish work with all of them but a few should be possible. I am on team Gourmet Stash  and likely will work on the Tribbles and Punis first.

2013-06-26 08.47.42


Look at that ball of fluff. It also matches one of my remaining loop batts so it seemed like a good idea to get that going as well. 2013-06-26 08.47.58


And lastly mostly just because I wanted to work on some new fiber combinations as well, I pulled out my Into the Whirled  blend I picked up ages ago.

2013-06-26 08.48.13


That is more than enough to keep me busy, here’s hopping I finish at least some of it as well. What are everyone’s TDF plans?