Back From Texas

So how was Texas? Hot. Well it was hot the few minutes I spent outside. We were only able to go to dinner once to Underbelly while in Houston, Dallas went Airport – Hotel – Client – Airport. So not much to see there, such is the nature of work Travel. I expect more of the same + exhaustion next week in Phoenix. My flight takes off at six and I will be landing w the time difference at 10:30 after a layover in Detroit. I will deal with it all with a More Knitting Time.

This weekend I wrapped up a few things that I had been getting ready for the shop and started posting, as I caught up with a bunch of the DNC speeches, I started posting a set of earrings I made all around Game of Thrones. It also helps that I finally finished the last bit of A Feast for Crows, I just have to add A Dance with Dragons to the Kindle and get started on that. Also reading the note at the end of Feast For Crows from GRRM, made me try not to think about how long it will be til the next book.


Mother of Dragons Earrings in Green, Black, and Gold.  One for each of the Dragon eggs Dany was gifted at her wedding.  The red and black beads are fore House Targaryen and their symbol of a red three headed dragon on a black background.  “In Fire and Blood”  Blood of Dragons, and the blood of old  Valyria.

House Arryn earrings, I see these on Lysa Arryn, as she goes about life at the Vale, making use of the sky cells, and the Moon Door.  “As High as Honor”  a white bird on a blue background is the symbol of House Arryn.

Night Watch Earrings.  I took a fitting line out of the oath of the night’s watch for this. “I am the sword in the darkness.”  The first line of defense for the realm from all the mysteries and dangers further north of the Wall.

House Tyrell Earrings. A house whose motto just makes me grin. “Growing Stronger.” This is the house of the Knight of Flowers.  We meet a quite few members of this family that just remind you just cause their symbol is a gold rose on a green background, do not think them delicate.

As per usual they are all available in the Etsy Store.