Finally Blocking

So I finally finished the Mystery Shawl now called the Belle Haven Shawl  and got it blocked right before I headed out  Sunday afternoon.


Isn’t it pretty? Though it does point out that I may need more blocking mats. To Knit Picks Batman!  The picture below shows a more true to color shot of the yarn, but I may have to see if I can find a time to run outside with it while the weather is in the 80s and take some bright sunny pictures, there are bursts of orange that are my favorite part of the yarn and aren’t really showing up.

This makes shawl 1 of 12 for 12 shawls in 2012, that are actually completed. I have three more on the needles… *whistles. I am nearly done with my Apollo shawl, mark I.

One of the biggest changes I want to make on that is a different yarn. There is nothing wrong with the yarn I am using but the lack of band complicates things.  I also think I want to start the lace sooner.

Since I cast off one project, I started a new one. That’s how it works right?

Spider-man baby blanket.