London Day 5: Bonus Round

So after saving the world, from Wizard Ninja Aliens, I unlocked a bonus round London Day: 5. Unplanned and great fun.  We decided to head to Camden Town.  With the very complicated plan of walking around, and seeing and eating things. The last time I was in London I think I went to the Camden Markets 3 or four times, I got a dress and my dear dear Villain coat.  A black leather trench coat with black and red fabric lining.  It has been my loyal companion over the last few winters.


Whenever I describe Camden and more importantly the Camden Markets I tend to describe it as if St. Mark’s exploded, likely while consuming a few street fairs and and food trucks.  Aisle after aisle of food, clothing, jewelry, rugs, housewares and just about everything.

And art, one can not forget the art that was everywhere, built into the architecture, being sold, being made, you could get lost here repeatedly. And that’s not even taking into account the shops on the main street.

Cyberdog, was a shop in the Market. Pictures were not allowed inside, but I think the entrance gives you an idea. Add GoGo dancers, music, and lots of glowing clothing, and you will wonder if you landed in a loft rave circa 2001.

We found a Brazilian place for lunch and took a break from wandering and shopping. I may have made off with a 50’s style bright red halter dress with pockets!

That night I met my host at The World’s End in Finsbury Park for dinner drinks and an acoustic show which was a fun way to end the night and my trip.  And my only plate of fish and chips the entire trip. And a pint or two of Strongbow.