London Day 4: Wizards, Aliens, and Ninjas

Saturday was a day with just a few pictures. Mostly because there was so much going on. See the title. I mean really, when you have wizards dueling Ninjas on the South bank and Aliens invading on the North bank you get busy.



Not even a little?


There were totally wizards and aliens though. Really. My Saturday started off with the sound of chirping birds and a groan of  “no alcohol for at least 24hrs.” I think I made it 5hrs. Whistles, hair of the dog  and all that or the bear that came up to my room to visit and got me moving slowly.

Who can say no to that face? So I was awake and moving by 7am. No I have no idea why, I don’t do such a thing when I am at home. I suppose it’s better then when I’m at DragonCon and wake at 6am. Why body why? I started slowly moving around, checking on the troops, no one but the friend that wasn’t with me Friday answered by 10am.  We made plans to meet and I shambled my way with the aid of my host to  Forbidden Planet.


My goal:


Achievement unlocked once back in NYC.

And of course that was all I bought in a geeky superstore. No really.

Before we actually set foot in Forbidden Planet,  we made our way, across the street for breakfast/brunch why? Because it was there, and I was little more than death warmed over at this point. My companion swears I became more and more human as the meal wore on, I’ll take his word for it, I think I made a few grunting sounds between inhaling my breakfast.

We headed into Forbidden Planet and I am sure I may have stopped dead upon entering wondering what section to go to first? Wizards? Timelords? Aliens? Plumbers? Zombies? Ninjas? Heroes? See I told you I was’t lying.

Much, Much, MUCH, later with a lighter wallet and a loaded bag of things, including, comic books, a dalek victory cover for the iPad, die cast dalek and Tardis, plush Dalek,  LL&P magnet, Deathly Hallows key chain, and I’m sure more I’m forgetting, I made my way out of the store and wandered off.  This fellow was outside the Starbucks I stopped into hanging out with their guitar playing owner.

There may have been kitty in a scarf squee as we walked past them again on our way to South Bank.  There may have been a book sale, and cocktails, while browsing the tables filled with titles. I of course did not buy any books to load into my backpack (fine but only 2).

There was walking, chatting, walking, bridge crossing, chatting, and I got a robo-call from Delta.  I’m sure if I was paying for a hotel room or if my job was less understanding I would have been more upset.  I had been getting a call from an 800 number throughout the day, regularly missing it because no matter the setting I only noticed the blackberry I was using ringing if it was in my hand.

We had made it to the North Bank before I finally answered. “This is Delta Airlines letting you know your flight DL… has been cancelled.”  *cue moment of panic * “We have booked you on flight DL… leaving Monday at 12:30pm. ”  I blinked, had a moment of Darn I could have gone to Cardiff!  followed by one more day in London! Woo!

We continued on our journey,  heading to meet friends for dinner, where we flipped a coin and chose a Chinese restaurant.  The portions were enormous but tasty.  We followed that up with drinks, and then I had the surreal experience of riding in what by all rights should be the driver’s seat on the way home.