London Day 2c: Transport, Trains, and Travel

After a short break from coming down, with something, that had me fading  Thursday and gone to that place full of blankets, pajamas, and cat petting Friday. I am back, mostly okay and wishing I had brought spinning so I could go to the spin in tonight. And we are still on day two. I did a lot of things on that Thursday.

The London Transport Museum, this was one of the places like the British Museum where I wondered how on Earth I hadn’t been to it the last time I was in London.  I love love love the New York Transit Museum; it’s built into a train station people what’s not to love.  As someone who eyes my  driver’s licence with a high degree of skepticism, public transportation has been a part of and will likely always be a part of my life.

Suddenly all those tales of crazy bus drivers make so much more sense.  Maybe I’ll just stick to the train. That has to be completely safe, I’ve heard they can’t climb stairs.


Sad that I was missing out on the Doctor Who Convention while being in the right country? Whatever gave you that idea? Whistles.  I was talking about transport. There were buses, trains, carriages; you know transportation.

One thing I loved about going through the museum, was that I don’t know if it was because of the time, or in combination of how it it was laid out and the time. I almost never saw other visitors, which helped with the whole dropped back in time and doing something almost clandestine.

They had a mixture of trains and buses that you could enter and take a seat on, sometimes with dummies  in period dress.

And sometimes one just felt safer getting the whole museum experience from outside the train car. And slowly backing towards the next exhibit.

More trains, safer trains.

And not to show a lack of love for the bus, I even had a shot of the stairs to get up to the second level, even perfectly still with no chance of ever moving, I don’t think that was a seat I would ever want to take let alone on a bus with starts and stops.


Somehow I spent three hours here without noticing and had to run to the museum shop as they announced they were closing.  I dashed through a last bit of the exhibit, on modern/future transport, then browsed the shop and was indecisive for likely longer, than I should.  Due to a mix of events/schedules/cancellations/and two ships passing silently in the night, etc… Thursday was the only night I had alone.

And after walking to 221b, from my hotel, on Edgeware Road, then wandering the yarn store, and the Transport Museum, with a quick wander of the Royal Opera House, and Covent Garden shops, and a dash to see if I could get into Sweeny Todd last minute (no). I enjoyed some Wagamama Ramen and headed back to the hotel where I indulged in something rare.  Room service.

Half a bottle of wine, and a cheese plate, I was entertained by a few episodes of NCIS (something I have never watched an entire episode before despite knowing a surprisingly  lot about. Mostly because it was something I could identify. I did have a moment of amusement that I was watching the USA channel as I can’t remember the last time I watched the USA Network , but one does not = the other.