London Day 2b: Yarn, Yarn, and some Yarn

After leaving 221b, and more importantly leaving the gift shop, I hopped onto the tube where I headed over to the Angel Station and Loop.

Loop was one of the yarn stores that I wanted to visit, after the damage I did there it was the only yarn store I visited. I was “good” and only purchased 3 skeins of yarn, some buttons, and some knit pro needle tips which I hope will fit on my Knit Picks interchangeable set.


And this is the reason I fell into trouble the upstairs of this lovely yarn shop was covered in Wollmeise. All sorts of colors and weights. I stayed away from the lace as I tend to find I don’t do much in lace weight.


Each color had its own area/section of shelves and I worked very hard to narrow myself down to two skeins.


Then I quickly made my way back downstairs before I could change my mind.


I was sad to learn once back in my hotel room that night in Pajamas, that they actually had a Thursday night knit night.