Day Three

So it’s Weds  the third day of my shawl knit graft madness. Day 1 15  rows. Day one left me with more keyboard than shawl. Day 2 58 rows. Left me with just a bit of key board.   Day 3 72 rows. We have over taken the keyboard.  at 72/148 we are at 49% shawl completion. Based on the first half I have enough yarn left for two more repeats less 4 rows. To get an idea of how much more is left?  Here is the completed first half on the same keyboard. It doesn’t feel like I’m at the 74% mark  but I am.  And working from home  and the dentist office *should*  bring me to the end and maybe grafting by knitting Thursday night? Here’s hoping on Sunday I’m posting pictures of me wearing it at the wedding.