I’m working on two different Mystery Shawl KAL. One From Knitting like Crazy and the other from Wendy Knits.  So far at least I am keeping up with both patterns.

Mystery Medallion KAL

That is a shot of the first clue, I am mostly done with the second clue but had to frog a few rows, but am back to about halfway through that just in time for the new clue to come out today.

The other shawl, Summer Mystery Shawlette, does have the pro of being and bottom up pattern while the Medallion is top down, so in theory I will never mix up my clues. In theory.

I’ve also finished the first clue of that and am waiting for the new one to be posted this Sunday.

The colors are different enough that if I’m delirious enough to mix up the two I likely shouldn’t be knitting.

I’m working on a gift, that will be posted once its handed off, and on another shawl. I have frogged Anthemion again but this time it was for want of smaller needles, and I think I  may make it in some teal lace weight I picked up ages ago at a yarn shop in DC. I was there for a day…of course I found the nearest yarn store.

In completely unrelated news look who’s little sister is a new NYU  graduate.

Yes that is a nearly full Yankee’s Stadium. Though they look more blue than purple in the picture the bottom tier is all the graduates, my sister was very proud to point out she was sitting behind home. And look at her speaker.

Oh Bill you were my *first president.   First in the sense I was just sticking my Jr. High toe into looking at this politics thing. And this Bill guy was my president.