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Happy New Year!

It’s been a while hasn’t it? *looks at last post date* *winces* So I’m back, I have some ideas and we’ll see where this blog goes in the next few weeks/months.

But first Happy New Year!

Heres hoping for a great 2019 for everyone!

Look at my booth

And so begins the long yarn weekend.

The booth is set up. The markers are out. The knitters are coming. Friday night is always a good start to the show. A shorter day and, I can grab something useful from home that was forgotten or unexpectedly needed.

Also the Starbucks charms were gone so fast. So fast. 20 minutes for 80% to be sold. Message received more Starbucks next time.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the weekend, seeing everyone and getting some shopping in. Come say hi in Booth 117 on the 5th floor.

VKLive Round Up

Another year another VKLive done. And I have to say it was great, talking to all the people who stopped by the booth and share that joy of knitting and joy of all things geeky. It’s always great meeting people and this Vogue Knitting Live, was no exception. You can be sure we’ll be back next year. And who knows, one of these years we’ll take the show on the road and go to Pasedena, Chicago, or another crafty show.  Thank you everyone who made the show great, by popping in, chatting, shopping, sharing my squee, or just enjoying the shop name.


We all know I’ve been going to Vogue Knitting Live these past five years.  And that I have been a regular damage doer in the marketplace and this year was no exception. I held out for a while, only making one purchase both Friday and Saturday. Then Sunday all bets were off.


First up was a skein of Empire from Jill Draper Makes stuff. I had somehow missed her last year at Vogue and didn’t end up going to her studio event during Rhinebeck.  1280 yards of yarn.  I think I want to make Stonecutter out of it. I talked to someone who had made the sweater out of Miss Babs and thought with their leftover I would be okay even if my size calls for 1395 yards. Fingers crossed.  I will not be  casting on a new sweater until I finish a small pile of baby things so I have time to figure it out.



Saturday I finished Bayside, and went up to Neighborhood Fiber Co. and got two skeins of  Studio North to go with the one I have at home to make myself another sweater. I also have pondered combining it with my grey skein of yowza and doing something striped.  Did I mention I spent the entire weekend staring into the Loop booth?  They were across and one over from our booth and that was fun.



So on Sunday I gave in, and went over, And after dithering between a lot of similar bumps that I have at home, I ended up with a skein totally outside of my wheelhouse. I’m really excited to spin something so different.


I also stopped at Annie and Co. and got the little red mesh bag, it will be for my mini Turtle made Turkish spindle and its fiber.  I also went to Molly Girl Yarn’s booth, they had been across from us last year and I had been planning to make a visit, and possibly sent a few friends over during the weekend.  15 minutes before the show closed on Sunday I went over, and I got the Gryffindor project bag.



I also got a braid of fiber from her, in Dancing Queen. 4.2 oz of merino.  All in all not too much damage.

Now I have tons of ideas for new markers, and just a lot of plans for the year.  A great way to wrap up the weekend.

We have a Booth

Last night after work, we loaded up a zipcar and made our way to Times Square.  Which is a phrase to make any New Yorker twitchy. Other than GPS playing games with us, we made in one piece, with just a tiny bit of rode rage. Just a bit. The pro of being on the 5th floor, is that you have some set up time on Thursday, until 10pm.  Which we put to good use right up to the last minute.



The batman table cloth is back and there are the superkits, from Lexicorp out too. Anyone coming to the marketplace, should come say hi. We will be in booth #413, on the 5th floor. There will be the usual geeky and fun stitch markers and earrings, and notions pouches.  I’m really looking forward to this weekend so come say hi if you are in the city.

Packing and 2/3 of a Sleeve

In a couple hours I will be off to set up my booth for VKLive. The pro of doing a show in your hometown even one this big, is that I can totally schedule things for after work and get all I need done. Almost all I need done.



I still have two thirds of a sleeve I need to get done before I can wear this Saturday. I’m not giving up hope. I mean the progress I made yesterday was most of a third of a sleeve and I didn’t knit a stitch before 10pm.  Its not like there’s a ton of stuff between me and that.

IMG_0882 IMG_0883

Just that small pile of stuff I have to turn into a booth. A minor thing really…

This is a Week. But I will Knit a sleeve.

Bayside looks the same as it did the last time I posted about it. Which is an interesting issue because I still plan to wear it Saturday. I have three days, its just a sleeve. Work has calmed enough that I’m not working all hours, but I have turned that time into last minute crafting time.



So tonight shall be a night of wild knitting.  Why wasn’t I doing this while watching the State of the Union last night?  I blame 10 and 11.


They now  exist in stitch marker form. The 10th doctor even has some Tea! For reasons.  I’m starting to get the the point where I wonder if I have enough room to display all of this but, living dangerously is fun. I will find out tomorrow night when I set up the booth. I think the table is longer than last year’s so that’s a good sign right?

Win Marketplace Tickets to Vogue Knitting Live

Vogue Knitting Live is a great show. Likely why I went every year even before I became a vendor! This year they have put together a giveaway. So, I thought it was a good time to give Rafflecoptor a try as well as give everyone a chance to wing VKLive 3 day-Marketplace tickets.


One Geek white 2


Enter below or on the Facebook page! And the winner can come by and visit us in booth 413.  Good luck to everyone!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Vending This Weekend

This weekend I shall be vending at French Morning’s 3rd Annual Christmas Market.  We’ll be partnering with La Casita Yarn Shop and as usual Chiagu.



From me, there will be notions bags, stitch markers, earrings, and knit mini christmas stockings. Perfect for gift cards, jewelry, and other small items.


Chiagu and La Casita will have yarn, project bags, finished items, patterns, etc. It should be a fun weekend. So come out if you are in Brooklyn this weekend and get some holiday shopping done.

Rhinebeck! Rhinebeck!

Another year another NYSW festival down. It was great. We once again rented a house out in Woodstock and drove up Friday morning so we could get to the house and still have time to go set up at the Indie Untangled show.


You can see, that the batman sheet has now become standard vending flair. I need to find more fabric that can be fun to turn into a dress or two to go with the fabric. It was as always great seeing everyone at the show, as well as across the weekend. I didn’t really get a chance to run around the show as once 5pm hit the place was packed.  And as requested the next update will have Doctor Who notions bags. The one completed for the show disappeared instantly.


Then came Saturday. Day one of the festival. After an awesome homemade breakfast and deciding since I had forgotten to bring a jacket (Thursday was a crazy day for me) that Pumpkin Ale would be a top layer over my other sweater. In this case, over Alta on Saturday and Aritchoke French on Sunday.  We came, we saw, we chatted, we shopped.  We wandered into a quick sheering demonstration.

IMG_0241 IMG_0244

Then we broke up into teams and went through Building E.  Even members of the house who hadn’t actually been part of the plan somehow popped up with things that we could share. So dinner Saturday night was a cheese, sausage, bread, olive, pickles, and wine spread.  Oh and marshmallows to roast. It was a great spread.

IMG_0275 IMG_0277


After staying up much later than we planned. Much laughter was had. So much laughter. There may have been silly/geeky youtube video watching with some AirPlay usage. Morning meant packing up and making our way back to Rhinebeck where it started to snow! It was on and off all day but never really stuck.

IMG_0319So what damage did I do? Well I showed a small amount of restraint. I mean I didn’t get the ITW batt that was called 221B but I did end up with a Loop bump. I got a single skein of yarn, a skein of Yowza in grey to make a red and grey sweater where the red has long since been in my stash. A multifandom JessaLu bag, 4oz of Polwarth Silk from Dragonfly Fibers, and  .5oz of Paco-Vicuna fiber that I will be adding to my luxury tribble sampler. so I an dreaming of a luxury 3 ply yarn with the various fibers. I have a lot of spinning on the brain.


I got at bottle of Hetta seriously an awesome mulled wine. 4 individually  wrapped packages of one ounce of merino I plan to spin single to knit into a sweater with the Loop batt I spun from Maryland Sheep and Wool. Yes I know a single fingering sweater. I like living dangerously.



It was another great weekend and I can’t wait to do again next year!  Maybe without the snow next time. 😀


Done! Done! Done!

I have finished Alta! Okay I have to weave in the ends and finish knitting the yolk, but the major parts are done.  I have knit, blocked, and seamed the sweater . I even am mostly packed, barring things I have to buy and that can be packed once they are used.  I even have my Rhinebeck projects sorted out. Spinning, knitting, and crochet!


And I’m done in time to leave early-ish. I’m staying with a friend tonight and we will be driving up in the morning. So in theory I even have tonight to work on my sweater. The pro of a seamed sweater I will say is that it is already blocked. It turns out I could have gone down two sizes in Alta, but it is still a good fit, especially if it becomes my layering sweater. There are days in the winter where I am wearing 5/6 layers as it is -6 or something obscene, and usually rare in NYC.

The weekend is going to be fun. I’m looking forward to perusing my fellow vendors at  The Indie Untangled Rhinebeck Trunk Show. I’m also in the market for a sweaters worth of yarn, or two. At least one in a black single to go with the yarn I spun up from Maryland. It was going to be a featherweight, but its a non repeating rainbow and that would make for odd sleeves. Very odd sleeves. The featherweight is my knitting project of choice, just in a solid red, wool cashmere blend I have had in the stash for ages.


At the trunk show I will have a small pile of notions bags, stitch markers, and geeky jewelry as always. If you’ll be around Friday come stop by. The show goes on from 5-9 and there are plenty of prizes and the such to be had.