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The show is over and its totally time for bed. Awesome people, awesome yarn, hopefully a good time was had by all.  The markers are back, there will be a shop update tomorrow, and the remaining markers will be added.

One Week to VKLive

It’s one week until Vogue Knitting Live.  Which means crafting is in high gear in the One Geek House.  I have the official, VKL stitch markers in all the colors. Bags, earrings, all the other stitch markers, and more.

I’ll be in Booth 117 on the fifth floor with Woolyn.  If you follow me in Instagram you have seen some of the items I’ll be bringing like Whiskey and chocolate, yarn and chocolate.  So many markers and more to come in the next week.


Look a Booth 

The first day of VKLive wrapped up pretty well. The Hamilton Markers vanished instantly. I’m actually using supplies to make the last three sets possible until I order more charms. 

After that those who want a set will have to…wait for it… 

This was actually the first year I did setup on Friday and not Thursday night after work. It takes a couple hours to set up the booth so I need a much smaller window than some as I’m not building anything, just unfolding a couple tables.

Every year the layout changes a bit even as some things stay the same. I’ve started using risers so the the table has layers. 

I think once I have a larger volume of project bags I will also get something to stack or hang to the side of the table to display them. I had such grand plans for VKL but the day job became especially busy the last few weeks. 

Tomorrow will be a full day of vending with hopefully a few breaks for food and shopping, or possibly Sunday. I walked the floor today and have a few stops in mind. Also I’m across from Into the Whirled so…

Rhinebeck Aftermath

Rhinebeck was awesome! This is not really a surprise as it is great every year. Great people, interesting weather…I mean we had every possible Rhinebeck combination it seemed like.  Well it seemed like I only needed the one Rhinebeck sweater anyway.



Friday was fantastic. Thanks to everyone who popped by the booth and all the people I was able to meet.  The Indie Untangled Trunk show was awesome. And was a great start to a weekend that would be just as great.



And along with people, and other vendors there were the things I grabbed at the show.

img_1728 img_1731



This is the alcohol damage I did in the food barn! Two bottles of Hetta, for reasons, 1857 Potato Vodka, Applejack whiskey, Port and Sherry,  and wine, for reasons. One of our awesome house mates made everyone sheep!  And I actually went to Jenny the Potter’s booth this year, and got a small Franken-sheep bowl to hold loose jewelry and a tiny cup, that I so far have had port in.

img_1733 img_1736 img_1734 img_1738

And then there was the yarn and fiber. Uh, yeah. I may have gotten a lot this year, but I’m already planning to cast on Stonecutter out of the Neighborhood Fiber Co. in the first image this weekend, or at least swatch.

So it Begins

Its the start of one of my favorite weekends of the year. Rhinebeck! We’re hitting the road shortly and after. And of course tonight I shall be vending at The Indie  Untangled Trunk show.  Its from 5-8pm at The Best Western Plus, 503 Washington Ave., Kingston, N.Y. So say hey if you pop by!

Rhinebeck Kickoff artwork final


After some frogging madness with Kitra, I only have Cabeladabra to wear for the weekend, but if I was only going to have one sweater, its a great one to have.  Everything is packed (I hope!) and next step is a Hamilton sing along in the car!  See everyone there! 


A Yarn Store Grows in Brooklyn

So many adventures in the last couple weeks, I even had a birthday in there. Let’s start with the one most yarn related. Woolyn has opened its doors. It’s a yarn store in Brooklyn, that has yarn, fiber, and the usual yarn store fun, including tea. Going to the preview night, last Thursday, I got to visit the shop for Friends and Family night.


It’s a great space and there was plenty of yarn and fiber from a variety of dyers to make any fiber fan giddy. I may have done a mild amount of damage, despite still unpacking yarn and fiber.


IMG_1485 IMG_1484

I got Frabjous Fibers in “Fist Bump” and two skeins of Invictus Yarn in Kicks and Captain SW.  Oh and a set of dpns for sock knitting, because you can always use more needles.

I’m looking forward to some knit nights at Woolyn in the future.



I Don’t Need to Learn to Needle Felt

If I keep saying it, it will be true. The problem is there was some amazing art on the sixth floor. And really I need it in my life.



Guys, its Going Gnome, An Unexpected Journey. Guys, its the needle felted company and the Smaug.



Look at Bilbo,  look at how awesome he is. They are all well made, and easy to identify.  Last year this same booth,  had the giant chess set.


The house of Durin hanging out. I mean I know how needle felting works in theory, but to get that kind of detail, needed for something like this. I don’t think that that would be anything but a few months of learning and practice.  I suppose until then I will just admire Going Gnome’s work and I will not need to needle felt.

VKLive Mini Preview

By this time next week,  I should have finished a Thursday night booth set up, and be working somewhere in midtown getting ready to do the first night of Vogue Knitting Live NYC.  So I decided to show a preview of some of the sets of markers old and new styles that I’ve been working on. I’ve made a little over 60 sets for this how at this point, and that’s not counting the new solo progress markers that I have put together as well.



This weekend I am aiming to make some more notions bags. I have some new fabrics I’d like to sew, but we’ll see what happens.

IMG_0852  IMG_0851  IMG_0853  IMG_0855


We have the counter markers with the numbers 0-8 in the markers. So 9 markers per set in a variety of colors. More Yarn Skein markers in different sizes and colors. From top left, multi-craftual Markers, Carry on my wayward son,  all seven of the DADA teachers (though year 7 is simply a death eater marker), and The boy who loved. And lastly, New York State of Craft, Wine and Chocolate, Sudden yet Inevitable Betrayal, and some of the Solo progress markers.  There are lots more in progress, and even done.