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Down but not out

It’s official. I’m quite sick. It’s odd knowing you’re tired have no energy, and a slight cough to “mild bronchitis”.

Knitting was hard the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Well everything was hard to do other than sleep. I’m on the mend now and slowly getting my knitting mojo back. So much so I actually finished my Storm Tracker Sweater.

It’s knit in Neighborhood Fiber co. studio worsted in the Georgetown color way. I will block it this weekend and get to adding it to my sweater family ASAP. It also means that I am able to get back to the sweater I started at Rhinebeck. Also in studio worsted, this one is knit from the bottom up and called Crazyheart.

Can you tell I really want to get to the color work?


Year of the Ent

A bug that has been nagging at me especially as I knit sweaters this past year is the idea of designing some items.  My current pile of notes is full of ideas, half drawn sketches and charts, and of course the easiest thing to buy the yarn.  

Looking at this yarn, a sweater’s quantity of the String Thing studio colorway from Asylum Fibers. The sweater I want?  A holiday-ish sweater with a tree cabled on it. Why holiday-ish? While the colors can make you think holiday, my main thought was that the tree would be the White Tree of Gondor, possibly flanked by the arc entrance to the Mines of Moria.

How much work have I done designing this sweater I have yarn and an Idea for? For over a year? Well I wound the yarn? That’s a step right? In my grand scheme for 12 sweaters last year this was one of them.

Designing and knitting a sweater in about a month…what could go wrong? I’ve designed whole cowls before…

But as I think about the knitting milestones I want to hit this year, maybe the answer is not an excessive number of sweaters, but instead the ones that kept getting pushed back in line during 2018 because there is no way it could be finished in a month.

In the same way that while I made a couple fingering weight sweaters, the wildly cabled and complicated ones that I wanted to make were also pushed back because there was no way I could possibly finish one in a month where I might have three hours of knitting time across a week.

So maybe 2019 will be the year of the long stuff. Longer to think about, longer to make, longer in stash. Hashtag  #yearofthent.

“You must understand, young Hobbit, it takes a long time to say anything in Old Entish. And we never say anything unless it is worth taking a long time to say.” 

2018 Knitting


Last year,  was a banner year for knitting sweaters. A friend I attempted 12 sweaters in 2018.  I did not get to 12. More like 5 completed sweaters, including a NaKniSweMo sweater with a couple days to spare, unlike NaNoWriMo which was abandoned after a couple days. 80% of another sweater  and started a few more.


And I have to say, the sweater bug has not passed.  I really want to finish up my Storm Tracker (5th photo) just the rest of the last sleeve  and my Crazyheart 4th photo and my poor oft languished Royale (2nd photo).

The finished sweaters from the bottom up are Ommegang, So Faded, Zweig, Sipila, and Tarian.  And I think after finishing some of the sweaters in progress I will be looking to knit more sweaters this year. I still have an abundance of sweater quantities of yarn.

I may not aim for 12 sweaters this year just because it felt like I wasn’t allowed to knit other things, so maybe just some sweaters. I also like knitting small things, like I’d like another pair of actual gloves, rather than flip tops, as there are times where I really don’t need the flips.  Its a small thing, but a project that took away sweater time always made me pause.

So this year the sweater adventure is more vague. I want something else with all over cables, another yolked sweater, and maybe a cardigan.

Ommegang Done!

And I have finally finished my Ommegang sweater. It just took two years and some but it’s done and I love it.

It’s super warm and squishy. And has made me cast on another sweater in Neighborhood Fiber Co. worsted.

This will be a Storm Tracker sweater.

Another January Down

Another January is making its way out the door and another set of 31-ish posts is done.  And while not 100% successful it did remind me what I like about blogging and why I do want to get better at updating again.

Some kind of schedule would be good. Maybe at least one post a month; that isn’t a shop update. If I can do ~31posts I can do a handful or so per month.

Plus it is a way to get me thinking and crafting more.  And a way of just putting thoughts out there. So as February rolls in and I’m thinking about how I want the next month and the next few months  to be. And lots of what I have mentioned here comes to mind. So this seems like a good place to track how things are going.

Ommegang in Progress

It’s a very slowly finishing WIP.

I’m about halfway through the first rounds of decreasing for the yoke and getting excited about finishing this sweater. I’m still on the fence about making the turtleneck but haven’t really come up with an alternative neckline yet.

You’d think after two years I’d know how to finish this sweater. Maybe a cowl neck? Things to ponder for the next week or so as I near the end of the line.

First FOs of the year!

I have some finished projects! They are iterations of the same project but hey they are done!

The red one was the pattern Drej available for free on Ravelry.

The blue was mostly me making it up. I also made it in black. It was the first time I’ve used my size 13 needles in…possibly ever.

Both versions were just some simple knitting. I’ve wrapped these up and next up is to finish Ommegang!

Thursday Night Prep

Well I’ve decided to make a Turkey for this weekend…because I love making my life easy.

But I’ve set up the brine and will be throwing the Turkey to roast Saturday. I’ve also made a herb butter.

This is the third time I’m making this recipe for a turkey. Now I just have to work on everything else I’m going to make.

Side note a turkey does not easily go into a

Something New in Progress

So this WIPW I’m looking at something really new. Or moderately new.

I’ve picked up a dotted journal and my plan is to use it to keep track of things throughout the year. I say moderately new because I always tend to have a notebook on the go and jot things down but for the most part things like that tend to be show prep, and the like.

I’m still working out layouts, and plans but I’ve added a page filled with WIPs by category and general goals. The plan is to take advantage of things like the table of contents and page numbers and start sorting things.

I’ve never kept a notebook like this, and I’m avoiding the term bullet journal as I doubt I will keep track day to day. But themes? Themes I can do. Other than my WIPs I have notions of what I want to do and my thought is I can update, elaborate, clarify, and expand on the go.

Like I’ve been thinking making a set number of different items a month, like five project bags a month or 20 pairs of skein earrings.

But I would not like the same thing on stitch markers for example. As it’s hard to say when I will have new ideas and when new supplies will come in handy. So I’ll continue to work on this notebook in progress and see where the next few months takes me. So if someone has something fun that I can add to this endeavor that will help my success let me know.

Ommegang Progress

My Ommegang continues to grow. I have finally started the yolk decreases.

I’m starting to get really close to a sweater here! 2 yoke decreases down 16 to go. I really want to wear this sweater this winter. I also really want to cast on Zweig soon so that’s another layer of motivation.

Though this sweater has long gone past the subway knitting phase. I need to sit down with it for a few hours and follow that cable chart.