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Some Victories

So blogging regularly is totally happening… but! Other things have happened. Projects have been finished! For example the wedding happened.

And that means not one but two shawls done for the big day. It was the same shawl just in the small and medium sizes once I had a small snafu and had to frog nine days before the wedding on the second shawl.

But they were both finished the pattern is Frangipani by

Kitman Figueroa who seems to be my shawl go to a lot.

It was made with Ito yarn. Each one took about a skein and some more from the second cone. But I have about half a cone of gold Ito left wondering what to do with it.

Sure something interesting will come up.

Blog Neglect

Ooof – the last post was in April, not a good sign, but the day job had been eating a lot of my time.  Well that is over at least, and now its time to get back into the blogging groove.  There are plenty of things going on that should get me back into blogging.

So there will be a shop update Saturday at 10am. It’s June so its heavily pride filled, also Wonder Woman because that movie was awesome.  There will also be project bags. And larger Faux leather bottom sweater bags. I’ve been using my protype to carry my Ommegang. So three 400 yard skeins of worsted weight Neighborhood Fiber Co.


I added a strap to the bag but otherwise it hasn’t changed much in design.

There are plenty of things coming up on my end.

I’m in a wedding in July so I should really pick up the pace on the shawl I’m knitting since I’m making two!   17 rows in, on the  plus side it does get smaller every other row. It’s Frangipani by Kitman Figuora.


So here’s hoping I get my posting act back together in the coming weeks.

Quarterly Update

April is nearly over, and so the first part of the year has wrapped up, How am I  doing on goals so far?

Knitting Goals 

  • Finishing all the WIPS from the last year (Did you see yesterday’s post…I may have a problem)
  • Knitting more sweaters (always a goal) – I mean I was able to cast on 6 last year…
    • On Sweaters, I’ve finished the Honey Pullover and am working on the body of Ommegang. With the sleeves done its just lots and lots of cables right now. I’ve also cast on  Stripes Gone Crazy and am planning to make the Oh So Faded Sweater. So  more sweaters are starting to happen.

  • More socks (Box O’sox 2017) Well there are two pairs completely done and two more that are on the needles.  And one that just needs the heels. So many socks done, for me at least.
  • Ornaments for me and gifting I need to go on a shopping bing at Lexicorp

Spinning Goals 

img_1861 img_2349 img_1856

  • Enchanted Mesa out of handspun Loop Batts.
  • Just finish some of the *cough* number more than six *cough* spinning projects in process
  • Make those handspun socks – Well I found the fiber

Sewing Goals 

  • Having fun with making bags so more accessory projects
    • DPN Holders! 
  • Actually make a garment perhaps a skirt, with pockets
  • Building my Split cosplay for Flamecon – It may be serger time
    • It may be time to start buying supplies.

A bit of a shorter list this year but, most of these items are multipart.



While in Orlando I brought with me the skein of house cup by Gynx Yarns.  So with plans  to do my first ever toe up socks with an afterthought heel.  I cast on with my HiyaHiya Sharps in size 0 (2mm).  Figure 8 cast on for 24 stitches and increased up to 56 stitches.

So I started knitting while at the hotel, and continued when I could while at Universal studios. Sadly I always forget that you  lock up all your items before going on a ride. So on the lines, all of the lines I usually had empty hands. But that was better than, the tale of that time I lost my knitting on a rollercoaster.

I knit as we wandered the park, got Butter Beer, Pumpkin juice. I made it pretty good progress, and actually was able to finish the first sock by the time I was back in New York.  Well done except for the afterthought heel at that point.  Pretty good progress for a weekend wandering Orlando.

By the time I was back in Brooklyn watching the Super bowl  I had started the second sock.  Which grew just as fast, while wandering my usual haunts.

And once the scond sock was finished, while at a mini knitting retreat weekend. I pulled the afterthought heel.  and finished the sock.

I am well into my next pair of socks, with plans of starting my third, all self striping skeins.  I mean if this keeps up, I may actually fill my box this year. We’ll see.  I feel like the giant Hogwarts sticker on the side of the box and the the House cup socks being the first finished skein.  Next up shall be my oft cast on, rainbow socks.

Frogged and cast one three times since this photo was taken. I am also loving knitting toe up socks. You know after finishing a pair. Seeing as I have only finished two pairs of cuff down, I feel like I’m nearly at equal comparisons anyway.


31 Posts ish

So as January winds down.  So does the 31 posts. Or about 27 or so.  Not too shabby.

Especially for the first time doing, this without even a  general outline for the days of the month. I’m pondering attempting this again, in spring maybe 30 posts in April or so. I want to start flexing my blogging fingers again.

I mean I have a fancy new blog layout and everything!


Plague and Progress

I got  home today and started feeling the well known signs of falling ill. A feeling I know and loathe well. So I’m going to wrap up my weekend of progress early. The goal was to get as much progress on my  Honey pullover as possible.


Partially just because the progress from Tuesday to Thursday was amazing. Friday I was finally at a point I could try it on. Though I did have to slip it onto  a longer cable as I think I am working on it, on a 24″ cable as I bought those needles in theory for shawl making.

And on Saturday I actually remembered to join the Knit1Geek2 VKN.  And spent a few hours chatting and knitting. The body decreases are done and I’m knitting along until I get to the increases.

Alternating skeins every three rows. It is finally looking like a dent is being made in these massive 560 yard skeins. Its coming out pretty much exactly like what I had hoped when putting these colors together.  So yay for small yarn based victories.



Look Sweater

It fits and everything. Time to work on the body. The decreases are starting. The fit is pretty good.  So the plan, seems to be working pretty well.

Guys I have a problem, I’ve started thinking about a shawl. I need to stop.  I need to finish this, but another project is always so tempting. I should try to finish a pair of socks instead.  Or you know finish my sweater…the startitus is strong.

Growing Fast

So the sweater, is growing fast. Yesterday’s post got eaten somehow but the sweater at the end of Wednesday  looked pretty good.

Pretty good progress for casting on Tuesday Night.  And today, I set up the sleeves and started knitting the body.

So i’m now working on the body and am a few rows from the first set of decreases, so making progress much faster than I had planned to. I’m just gonna go with it until I lose speed.  We’ll see what the weekend brings.

I mean, this is where I was on Tuesday, and its just Thursday…Its been a while since I made anything this quickly. Who knew it would be a fingering weight sweater…

My Hand Slipped…

So remember when I mentioned the Honey KAL? And wanting to start it once I finished Ommegang….

Do we know where this is going?  Yep, I cast on… I’m currently working on US4 (3.5mm) HiyaHiya sharps, because those are my new favorite needles.  I think I will be getting the interchangeable set of those at some point.

So yeah that means, 3 sweaters on the needles right now. Ommegang, Royale, and now Honey. I think that means no more casting on for a while, But I feel like I talked at my ability for restraint yesterday.


That’s Totally How a Hiatus Works Right?

So remember when I mentioned going on a yarn Hiatus after VKLive. Yeah…and then I noticed the Gynx Yarns update on Saturday… and suddenly there is a skein of House Cup making its way to me.   So maybe now I’m on Hiatus? Just a week later…I can do it.  I just need to poke around my stash and not yarn stores, or online stores.

Then there was the email notification that the two skeins of 1600 Penn I ordered from Neighborhood Fiber Co. at VKL was on its way. I mean that doesn’t count.  It was ordered and paid for at VKL…totally within the parameters of the Hiatus.

So I spent part of Sunday photographing the stash that I have gotten since Rhinebeck, at VKL, ordering, Woolyn, and whatever else. Like, you know, a friend reminding you they have yarn for you that you totally didn’t forget about.  I need a Hiatus.

I want to use all this great yarn, and that means  I need to stop adding to the piles and piles of it.  I’m sure its possible.  Restraint…I’ve heard of it…. Something to do with chains?  Hiding your wallet?

This is what? About 3 months worth of yarn purchases? And yes Fall and Winter are extra enabling, Rhinebeck, VKL, trunk shows,  startitius, I rarely go yarn crazy for my Birthday for example.  Because while I am still knitting, do I really need more yarn in August?  Its so much easier to say, wait what about that xxxxx (insert color, fiber content, brand, sparkle here) you got at yyyy in August, than in January.

And while I have a notion of what I want to make with all of these. Sweaters with multiple skeins.  Socks and a couple shawls, on all of the sock yarn. And an attempt to bring back my Sock square blanket with the mini skeins.  We’ll see what actually happens.

I have ideas on what to do with everything. Its just will I stick to those ideas or run off and buy something else, or cast on a completely  different things,  that actually needs something I don’t have? History has shown me a little of column A and a little of column B.

Also I really need to add this all to Ravelry since that was the reason I took the pictures in the first place!