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Piles in Progress

January 7th, 2016 Comments off

I am planning to do the Clean Slate challenge hosted by the Just One More Row podcast.  I have done it before though I didn’t last year I don’t think. There are some needles I want back, and there are some projects that are just too close to being done or just SHOULD be done by now.

First up, I have seven days to finish Bayside by my deadline. I have likely 6″ of the first sleeve left. Knit night tonight’s goal is to finish the sleeve and maybe start the next. I want to wear this on the 16th for VKL. But I will be working the day job right until that, so I have one more weekend to work on it other than after work time.



Next up is Featherweight, mostly because I don’t want to put it aside for ages. So I want to pick it back up soon.  Just the sleeves and border left, and I have found my DPNs. Granted they are in Bayside now but it means they will be free soon.



Those are the only projects that I have even the vaguest plan of order.  Next up in no particular order.  My thrummed mittens, Hermione’s Everyday socks,  a cowl design that shall be ripped and reworked with more stitches, my Follow Your Arrow 2 shawl, and the long unfinished Bloomery.

IMG_0839  IMG_0838  IMG_0841 IMG_0846 IMG_0848


There are some other WIPs that are floating around the apartment, those oft ignored christmas socks, those other socks (from 2011), and things I’m sure I’ll keep forgetting until I see them.

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Third Quarter Check-in

October 20th, 2015 Comments off

One more over arching look at my goals.  So how are the 2015 goals progressing? Some good some not so good. The 12 in 2o15 needs some major help.


1. Four more sweaters in 2015. That’s one a season, totally reasonable, and I would like at least 2 to be pullovers, and at least one to be done in pieces. its about time I got to building a sweater. And right now I have the yarn for a few sweaters!
1. Alta – Green Gloss DK –  swatch is done and wayyy off. I’m losing about 4 stitches every 4 inches. Math will have to be done. Done and worn to Rhinebeck! 
2. Stripes Gone Crazy – Cashmere Wool Blend
3. Blue Wool of the Andes Pumpkin Ale 
4. Eco Wool Francis Revisited will be cast on later this week? 
5. Bayside
6. Wine colored Sock yarn

*Bug Warmer
Featherweight has been cast on.

Three sweaters done, two on the needles, one more going on the needles. It looks like everything is going to plan there.
2. More craft fairs – I want to do more vending (VKLive happened!) I vended at the BKCG WWKIP again, did Funday Sunday on Smith Street, and will be doing the Indie Untangled Rhinebeck Trunk show the Friday of Rhinebeck.  I now have an Events page where you can keep up to date on where I shall be popping up.
3. More Spinning. Joining the DSPAKAL means I will start my year spinning. The 680 yard loop bump seems to have that covered, even if I haven’t had a chance to spin since the tour de fleece started 
1. Six complete spinning projects for the year (knitting handspun or spinning a project) – Hitchhiker is done, the loop bump above, and a few squares on the  sock blanket. 
2. Get one of the spindles I have been eying maybe as a reward for hitting the 50% mark(Uh – I may now own two Turtle Made spindles, an Aaron Makes stuff spindle, and a Golding)
4. Socks!!!! I have two actual pairs on the needles. I have cast on Hermione’s Everyday socks…Now where did I put them…
5. As I mentioned yesterday, more collaborations.Clubs, Giveaways, Stitches South!
6. Updating the graphics of the blog and published patterns (new laptop should help get this going but its still a work in progress) 
7. Gloves! Both the designing of and knitting of other patterns – My Thrummed flip top mittens are a start right? a still incomplete start but a start
8. Designing – So many swatches guys – SO MANY – Submissions! Things are out, patterns are being written
9. Plan another epic birthday – there may be zombies  whiskey  There was brunch, there was Ethiopian, there were friends. 

And the 12 in 2015 – hmm er…
1. Alta Swatched  Done!
2. Stripes Gone CrazyI may have cast on featherweight with this yarn
3. Bayside sleeves separated and approaching the body increases decreases  ribbing
4. Handspun Socks take two
5. Blanket – Cozy Memories Blanket
6. Gloves – Thrummed flip top mitts One mitt mostly done. Just needs a flip top. 
7. Flintshire Take II – well I used the yarn for mitts. but a red flintshire would work too.
8. Release a Cowl Design – couple different swatches floating around and a pattern on the needles 
9. Handspun Hat with Luxury tribbles – Cashmere! Yak!
10. Thrummed Hat! – I don’t wear mittens but a Hat would be great.Likely not as then there would have to be lining.
11. A Colorwork project
12. Christmas Ornaments – After setting up the tree this year we noted it was lacking in handmade, personal items. Especially in the home of two crafters.


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A Week’s Worth of Progress

August 5th, 2015 Comments off

The Pumpkin Ale sweater continues to grow.  The back piece is now just under 18″.  With around 60 rows to go before I do the shoulders.  Then it will be the fun of picking up stitches for the rest of the sweater.



If I continue to move at my current pace I think that will happen around Friday or Saturday. as I seem to get done about 40 or so rows of the sweater a day. Two of 11 balls of yarn finished and I’m still enjoying it so far. We’ll see where I am next week when I have to pick up stitches.

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WIPW: Purple So Much Purple

December 10th, 2014 Comments off

So this week’s works in progress are both purple. Well one is a long term WIP but as I mentioned Monday I am weakly attempting to finish my Bayside for VK-Live, Jan 17/18. So how much progress was made before I put the sweater down and wandered off to knit some heavier weight sweaters?


Yeah, that’s it, and there is a good chance I will have to frog that as the stitch count seems to be off.  I have printed out a fresh copy of the pattern and will be double checking my numbers before I do anything drastic so we’ll see what happens.

On to more sensible projects.  The Snapdragon Tam is growing. I’m hoping to finish  it by the end of the week and move up to the matching honey cowl.


In other less purple news Christmas is Coming. I’ll be putting together Christmas Cards. So drop me a line with your address at 1geek2craftall [at] gmail [dot] com, and I will pop a card over to you. I will likely drop them all in the mail some time next week. So let’s say email me by Weds Dec 17th and I’ll mail everything out Thursday the 18th and yes international addresses too!

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WIPW: Handspun Hat

October 8th, 2014 Comments off

I haven’t cast on a sweater yet…we’ll see how long that lasts.  I do have Bayside on the needles so I could start lugging that around again, but alternating skeins means its a big project to carry around.  For the weekend I have  pulled some hat projects.

I cast on a simple 1×1 rib hat using my hand spun.


It’s pretty much going to be a free form hat as long as the yarn allows. I have about 230 yards, so it should be enough for a warm hat and a fold over brim. I also will be working on my sister’s Rikkie hat, and lastly casting on Flintshire again.  I think along with my hat adventures I should make a few more pairs of mitts. I always seem to be missing those.

2014-01-05 18.23.52

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WIPW: Rounding Out Q3

October 1st, 2014 1 comment

How goes the progress on 12 in 2o14?  And the Goals for 2014? Pretty darn good.

1. I frogged the Flintshire since I had no idea what row I was working on. Seemed like the best plan of action. The yarn is waiting, and since I have decided to either make sweaters or hats, its a good time to pick  it back up.

2. IMG_0531 Artichoke French

3. Alta I have been working on sweaters I have the yarn for. So this has been put to the back burner until I buy the yarn for it. I have five sweaters worth of yarn not on the needles and none would work (sock weight, bulky) But – Rocky Coast and Down East means progress right?

4. A project with sparkle yarn

5. Handspun Socks – Still spinning

6. Pendulum Shawl

7.  2014-04-16 18.27.06  Bowties are cool

8. A pair of socks ….

9. IMG_6871 Finish Color Affection

10.  Finish Bloomery er…

11. Wurm

12. IMG_7016 Finish Spinning Blue Fiber


Bonus: Knit items from books I own:

  1. Artichoke French

Sub bonus? Knit from patterns I own:

  1. Rocky Coast  (also 2013 goal!)
  2. Bayside



  1. More Festivals/Shows/Conventions (Last year was, Rhinebeck, Hallockville, VKL (NYC), & NYCC) I’d like to do all those again and add MDSW, and maybe Stitches East as a day trip.  No Maryland but maybe Stitches East will still happen. So Stitches East is the same weekend as NYCC, The Kings Fiber Festival, and the New York Yarn Crawl. Geez.
  2. More SweatersTwo done two on the needles
  3. More Designing –
  4. More SpindlesMay have a Rhinebeck plot….
  5. More Spinning Year of Handspun
  6. Knitting with Handspun. Um…I’m planning to make a hat or two?
  7. More pattern releases (I have so many half done design projects I need to start sharing)
    I’ve been doing a lot more submissions so I’m working towards that
  8. Vacation –  There is talk about doing a weekend in DC.  We got a cottage, I’m counting Rhinebeck. 😀 Plus I have a bunch of long weekends in October.
  9. Do the holiday knitting for the shop throughout the year – well I am signed up for Christmas in July, even donated a prize. I just need to cast on 
  10. Collaboration   If you went to Knit Dizzney I was in the gift bag. I’m one of the sponsors for the New York Yarn Crawl and have a few prizes out for KAL’s  Who’s doing the Pigskin Party?  I have prizes there.  Not exactly what I had in mind but all fun.
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Rocky Coast Progress

September 12th, 2014 Comments off

Well usually I would post a FO on Friday, but I have finished the body of the sweater. And Have picked up the stitches to knit the collar. And I was smart enough to get pictures before I had a weird bowl shape with oddly placed holes.


I’m quite pleased with this sweater and how quickly its going. I’m already far enough along with the collar that I think I can finish it tonight and then just have the sleeves  to knit then I shall cast on Pumpkin Ale and see how that goes.


Fingers crossed though I’m sure Instagram will know of my victory or defeat rather quickly.

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WIPW: Lavender!

July 9th, 2014 Comments off

Yes Lavender, the plant not the color. A friend went out of town and had Lavender growing wild on the family’s property.  She knows I’ve been going wildly anti-moth after cleaning out the stash and finding a couple of leftover (thanfully!) skeins infested.  They were all isolated from the rest of the stash but I had a plan of attack.  I have cedar and lavender satchels in the yarn, fiber, and FO drawer. One must always remember, There is no ‘overkill.’ There is only ‘open fire’ and ‘I need to reload.’


So I opened the box she had grabbed and I started working based on the instructions on this Wiki-how article. I decided to do both methods, with the majority being hanging lavender to dry in the liquor armoire.  I didn’t have rubber bands so instead I used really tightly tied acrylic yarn.


This is the longer method taking two to four weeks  but seemed like a better plan as one thing that sun drying recommended was a not too humid area. Summer in NYC that’s not humid? I wish.  Dry heat is something I have only ever experienced in  TX and AZ.


IMG_6897I placed the leftovers in the craft room widow which gets the most sun of the entire apartment. I figure if it fails no worries. So the armoire set should be ready right about my birthday.  I’ll keep track of it int he coming weeks, maybe daily progress on Instagram if something interesting happens.


I think if nothing else the armoire will smell great every time I open it to make a drink. and I may make off with a sprig to hang on the wall over the stash.

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WIPW: I Was Not Expecting This

June 18th, 2014 Comments off

So I was really expecting to show off finished lace, and working my way up through the ST section of the body. I was moving ahead of the 9 rows a day schedule. But the skein kept looking dangerously light. When I got home last night I decided to check it out.


Six grams of yarn left. Even with the planned adjustment of doubling up the decreases I would have had to somehow knit 38 rows with six grams of yarn…uh no. Then I took the shawl off the needles and it all made sense.

2014-06-17 22.29.47-2

It was about twice as long as I was expecting about 40″ when not folded in half. I tend to knit shawls on short needles, so I hadn’t noticed just how much it was scrunched up. It looked so nice before  I started frogging too.


Now I have frogged, and cast back on. I have this time cast on 201 stitches as oppose to 273. I have made it to row 11 so far. In theory I am working  89 rows and I’m thinking of possibly stopping at 25 rows of lace but we will see how that looks. I may aim for closer to 40.  With all the adjustments I actually would need to work 9.75 rows daily. Not counting the ten already completed.


There is still a chance. And tomorrow night is knit night so that is always extra knitting time.

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WIPW: Sweater!

June 4th, 2014 Comments off

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this photo last night.

2014-06-03 23.37.47-2

I have 97% of a sweater.  I just have to knit the neck band, and seam the underarms together.  And then I get to put the sweater away for a few months I guess. The down side of finishing a sweater in June.

2014-06-04 00.13.04

The neck band is worked by slowly decreasing along the live neck stitches, but after the Follow Your Arrow KAL this should be speedy. Though its not the easiest to work on a train as I don’t have the pattern memorized. I suppose this means I should get back to poor Bayside. And start working on all the projects I want to get a go on for the holiday season.

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