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WIPW: Still Following My Arrow

February 19th, 2014
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I am plugging away on Clue 5B of the Follow Your Arrow KAL. It sits on my couch and I pick it up as I follow Olympics Prime time coverage. Or more try to drown out the voices and enjoy the show.  In the last few days it has grown a lot.

2014-02-15 00.11.30

I added a lifeline before starting clue 4A so of course I had absolutely no trouble with the clue and zipped through it.  Looking at the two clue 5′s. Despite clue 5B being epically longer I liked it much better and started working on it.

2014-02-15 22.54.34-2

At first it was slow going and the fact that i was decreasing one stitch for every two rows made me wonder if I wasn’t insane for not doing clue 5A.  Not to mention I had decided to do it in two colors by repeat, carrying the yarn along the wrong side as I work. I Like the way that it looks doing this and may finish off the blue before I’m done.

2014-02-19 00.34.26

Currently a little over a third of the way done with the clue and the edges get smaller as you go, so I am in row 300 or so of the last 600+ so maybe nearly halfway? And moving faster. I’m just going with it. I’m looking forward to getting it outside and getting some true color photos.

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WIPW: Bayside Pullover

February 12th, 2014
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Nerd Wars has begun, so I have submitted my dissertation for this round. The Bayside sweater.  Three months to finish a fingering weight sweater and at least 2 other projects a month. I don’t aim high at all… well two of my finished sweaters are Dissertations and the Bergen Street Cardi was a  KAL. So It should be doable. I swatched Saturday and cast on with some Olympic Coverage.

2014-02-08 22.45.30-2

My first swatch was so off, I was worried I would never get gauge or work math in a way to get a sweater.  Then I realized I had the wrong size needles,  One more swatch later and I got much closer. I didn’t get row gauge, but that’s not too hard to fix in knitting since I would be making the sweater longer anyway.

2014-02-12 12.13.35

We have a few inches of sweater to show  for it though that may slow as I want to pick up my follow Your Arrow Shawl once again. I’m four rows into Clue 4B. And based on spoilers will be doing 5B, which does not look quick. I suppose if we get snowed in again it will work out for me.

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12 in 2013: Final Tally

January 3rd, 2014
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At final count how did my 12 in 2013 go? Pretty well.  I finished quite a few in progress items I had listed, and worked on whole new projects. I also had some failures and yarn wander off into other projects. I guess we can count that as a success. The point was to use the yarn/fiber I already had after all.

Finished projects:

  1. Clown Prince Yarn
  2. Adoro Shawl
  3. Hero Honey Cowl
  4. Koolhaas
  5. Into The Whirled Braid

2013-06-16 17.10.15-2 2013-03-25 21.00.47 Hero Honey Cowl 2013-02-08 11.11.50 2013-08-05 20.48.09

Yarn Wandering into other projects:

  1. Chilly Podster Gloves
  2. Color Affection Shawl
    2013-01-27 23.29.03 2013-09-01 20.15.14

Projects still in process:

  1. Bloomery
  2. Loop Batt – Chain plying very slowly
  3. Sherilyn – So many false starts. SO MANY.
  4. Hitchhiker

2013-08-02 09.04.04  2013-10-18 23.38.02  2013-12-05 09.37.48  2012-09-21 14.46.03

Maybe Next year:

  1. Rock Island
  2. Rocky Coast Cardigan
  3. Endpaper mitts

Will I do a 12 in 2014?  I think I will I just haven’t chosen anything yet. Perhaps this snow day will be a good nudge once I get all the  office work done.

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You Have Your Mother’s Eyes

November 26th, 2013
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I have no idea if I do or not. but we all know Harry does. Why is this relevant? I have finished the leg on my dad’s socks and I had an attack of what if they are too big. They are too big. Of course they are too big. Why? I have my dad’s legs. They are great legs, if he was a different person I’m sure he would look killer in a pair of heels (I have never seen my dad in a pair of jeans because ‘those are for kids’).  And we have skinny calves. To the point that I love lace up boots so I can tighten them all the way and they will only be slightly loose.


So after an afternoon of panic, and a failed attempt to go see him (the post office had a line one tends to see April 15 or the last two weeks of Dec). I tried the sock on my own foot. It was loose, but nothing that wouldn’t fit man much larger than I was.  Small holiday panic averted. Yes I will be seeing my dad Thursday to confirm. But that would have been a few knitting days lost. I still have another sock to make.

Does anyone else have tales of knitwear panic? Or maybe you know who gave you your knees?

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WIPW: Socks and Scarves

November 13th, 2013
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My dad’s socks have grown some. I have worked on them a bit over the last day.  I think based on my own personal sock attempts I will not run into delays until the foot. Turning the heel only slows me down insomuch as  I have to look it up, but I like to complete the entire heel in one go. So…

2013-11-13 11.08.36But progress, in dad’s favorite color. Here’s hoping that I get it done in time and it fits. It is about three inches right now and every cable cross is about half an inch.

In other knitting news, the pattern for the lantern corp scarf is off at the test knitter and I am knitting it up as well.

2013-11-13 11.49.48Currently up to Rage/Hate. Red lanterns.  Though this may get put aside as a cowl pattern has jumped out at me to be designed. Its very simple and may be a great starter project.  It’s in my favorite colors and in Eco Wool and is already named, Harlequin. So you may see that soon.

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NYCC Approaches: A Belt Buckle

October 8th, 2013
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The one other thing I needed  for a complete costume was a Belt Buckle for Storm.  I dithered, and waited and wavered, and finally gave up on order one. I still had silver poster board left over from the Cyber woman costume I had black paper, I could make something that worked right?


That’s totally easy right? Well.

2013-10-06 23.01.27

I started with the circles and then cut the black ones down,  glued them into place. The plan was to overlay the X over the black ones then overlay another circle of sliver over all of that so it was seamless.

2013-10-07 00.10.00 2013-10-07 00.13.06

The first thing I noticed was that the black was a bit duller than I wanted and even double layering it was’t giving it the height I wanted. And it needed some shine.  So then I had another plan.  Bring forth the glue gun!  And glaze.

2013-10-07 00.41.01

     So once that dried I just needed to turn the glue silver and add a way to attach it to my belt. The answer of course is Duct Tape. Not that I have done that yet, but instead I had an adventure with really thick silver paint I will be repairing tonight.

2013-10-08 09.16.51

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NYCC Approaches: Mohawk in the Making

October 7th, 2013
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As New York Comic Con approaches, I have been spending the last few weeks trying to get time in to get my costume done. During the last NYCC  as we wandered the vending floor a friend and I were discussing costumes we wanted to do but hadn’t yet.

Right about there there was a pause.  We started thinking about the supplies I would need, and mostly it was  gloves and a white Mohawk. I had the jacket, pants, belts, boots, jewelry, even the makeup was covered… A trip to Goodwill netted me an even better jacket due to the sharp eyes of a friend. A trip down St. Mark’s and I had my choice of gloves.

2013-10-06 22.51.29

So then I was missing two things. An X-belt buckle and a Mohawk.  After months of searching and googling, and randomly wandering into wig stores when I passed them by. This was the closest thing I could find and I could not bring myself to even pretend I was going to be able to get behind that atrocity.  So building a Mohawk. I ordered white hair off Amazon. Grabbed a Styrofoam ring, from Micheal’s and Styro glue.

2013-09-05 22.23.14-2

So then when I opened the hair I got my first surprise. I was expecting what I later learned was called a weft where the hair is attached. Imagine shredding a sheet of paper halfway, and having the half of the sheet still intact. Got it? I expected the hair version of that. Yeah I pretty much got a pile of loose hair folded in half and braided on itself.  Yay.

 2013-09-29 14.47.35   2013-09-29 16.45.08-2

My first step was cutting the styrofoam into a frame. As I was still not sure how I would be attaching this to my head, I figured a sturdy base would help.  I started gluing hair to said frame and rather quickly ran out of hair. Good thing I started early. I ordered more hair that Monday and some magic shipping from Doctored Locks on Amazon and I was back in business.

2013-10-06 21.57.45

Adding on more layer of hair after the above, and I had a decently thick mohawk. Now I just have to actually stiffen the hair, cover up the front of the Styrofoam with hair, cut the hair into an even length and get a headband for attaching to my head, all by Saturday. I plan to wear this Saturday, Sunday, and Halloween of course.  I have time…kinda.


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The Fastest Needles in Brooklyn

September 23rd, 2013
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Well not fast enough apparently.  So the rainbow baby blanket I was working on it for my friend’s baby shower on the 29th right? Turns out not so much. My invitation never arrived so a mutual friend has been passing along the info. Handy, no worries. Except when the one bit of incorrect information she gives you is the date of the shower. 9/22, not 9/29.

2013-09-22 17.39.17

Blink. When was this glaring omission made known? A little before 10pm on Saturday. I had maybe three rows of decreases at that point. So I had 50% of a blanket to knit by 5:30pm. I had no registry information, so through the night and a friend’s birthday party I knit.  85% of the guests were knitters, dating knitters, or long term friends with knitters.  No one batted an eye, everyone commiserated at failure to convey a date correctly.  I left the party around 2am and some progress had been made not enough but some.

2013-09-22 13.30.39-2

The second half of the blanket is two repeats of rainbows with blue as the background color instead of grey. Grey taking the place of the blue in striping. I was two stripes in before I gave in to the siren call of sleep. So Sunday bright and early I started knitting and fell asleep. Apparently two hours of sleep wasn’t going to cut it. I tried again a couple hours later. By the time I had made it to the subway I was working an orange stripe. By the time we got on the bus into New Jersey I was working the red stripe. This was not good. It meant I still had an entire repeat of the blanket to go.

2013-09-23 11.52.22

And that is where we stand now. My train in this morning consisted of slowly drinking tea, and wondering why I had decided going to work was a good idea, since I am clearly getting sick. Weee. Sigh…. But that does mean I am on the last repeat.

I will instead go with what my original plan was and finish the blanket and start a baby surprise jacket.  Possibly a hat or booties. There will be delivery on the next visit. sometime in December after baby has joined us.



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WIPW: Rainbow Baby Blanket

September 18th, 2013
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I have been working on the baby blanket almost exclusively when I knit barring one wander where I worked on my currently neglected color affection.  It has grown though not as much as I would have hoped It is currently 16″ long.  The first half is supposed to be 36″ to get a final 36″ by 36″ square. I had been planning to wing it and once the first skein of grey is done switch to the second and start decreasing. I think I was lying to myself.

2013-09-18 11.23.27

That is what remains of the grey skein as of this morning. Somehow I don’t think that there will be another ten inches of blanket before the yarn gives up. I hope there will be another repeat or two, for the commute home as I keep forgetting to put the second skein in my bag.

2013-09-18 11.23.36

I suppose this is the  downside of  center pull ball, I always default to, “oh I have plenty” to squeezes ball “hmm I will need more soon.” Its a good thing knitting is tomorrow as I will clearly need a third skein of grey.

2013-09-18 11.17.37

Well I have gotten to the second rainbow repeat. I should *fingers crossed* get to yellow on my way home tonight.

I’ll be back for Friday’s Etsy update. *Snaps fingers* It’s creepy and kooky, Mysterious and spooky….


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WIPW: Shawl Time

September 11th, 2013

I’m still “working”  on my color affection. Working in the sense I carry it around with me everywhere, and it’s taking up a lot of space in my purse. That counts as working right? I’ve worked on it some since I got back but I know I would be more along if I kept working. Minor detail right? Right.

2013-09-11 11.24.32

I also want to do the Sherylin KAL as it was the other shawl I had brought with me on the trip and ended up not casting on. So I took a KAL that started this Monday as a sign. I’m all set to go with my pandorica yarn.

2013-09-06 15.03.35-2

I just have to do the minor thing of casting on. I’ll get there.

Right after:

  • finish swatching a design
  • start/finish a baby blanket due at the end of Sept. (I plan to cast on tomorrow, and if the last baby blanket is an indication I will be done, in a week or so…with dedicated knitting…uh…)
  • get the Etsy update photographed
  • do all the regular day to day things like work, sleep, eat.


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